Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Weekly Favourites

It's always helpful to know what someone's favourite products of the moment are, although some of these are old re-discovered favourites too.  This week's most used products and tools vary from Lancome to Bobbi Brown to TopShop.

Although I don't have oily skin, I do get a very shiny T-Zone which can be very annoying.  However, a really fantastic powder for this is the aptly-named Clarins Shine Stopper Powder Compact.  The powder is encased in the usual sleek Clarins packaging and contains a mirror and a sponge.  I apply the powder lightly over my whole face with a powder brush and use the sponge for touch-ups during the day.  The powder is translucent and super light so it's undetectable on the skin.  the best thing is it keeps my face softly matte all day without any powder residue or cakey effect.

Although I have used many under-eye concealers, I can whole heartedly say that the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque is the best.  I have deep-set eyes that are prone to dark circles and this is the only corrector/concealer that completely obliterates the shadows.  The peachy tone of this particular shade camouflages my dark circles and leaves my eyes looking really fresh and bright.  The other things I love about this corrector are the consistency and formulation.  It's so easy to apply with your fingers, easy to blend, doesn't settle in fine lines and stays put all day when set with powder.  This is definitely an HG status product!

Two brushes that have been constants in my daily routine for a while now are the Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush and Daniel Sandler Contouring/Powder Brush.  I normally prefer a fluffy blending brush for my concealer but the Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush actually works really well.  Although the brush is flat, the bristles are very smooth and don't scratch or pull at the skin.  This brush is perfect for blending concealer over blemishes or even blending under-eye concealer.

The Daniel Sandler Contouring brush is the perfect size for enhancing cheekbones.  It fits perfectly into that hollow and with soft, circular motions, you can make the most of your bone structure.  The bristles are soft but firm enough to be used for this function.  Also, it never sheds fibres which is a massive plus!

This huge Lancome Star Bronzer compact has been in my makeup collection for a long time but it lay unused for a few months.  As you can see, it's almost finished and there's a reason for's frickin brilliant!  This bronzer is definitely in my top 5, right up there with Dior Matte Sunshine and Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder.  The Lancome bronzer is a beautifully natural subtle bronze that never streaks or looks orange.  It feels moisturising on the skin and lasts all day without fading or having to be reapplied.  Love it! They now have a newer version on the Lancome site with the same formula but more shades.

My most used blush product of the last two weeks has been the TopShop Powder Blush in Pop - an almost neon coral shade.  Even though this looks like more of a summer blush, I love this product to brighten my complexion.  All you need is one tap of the blush brush on the pan to get enough colour.  I apply it lightly for a real pick-me-up.  I would say it suits light/medium to medium/dark complexions the most due to the colour pay off.  It's a fantastic blush and the fact that it's only £6 is quite simply unbelievable!

I haven't tried many Benefit powder eye shadows before but these two shades have been my daily choice for the past week.  Leggy (a pale peach/champagne with pearlised finish) and Where There's Smoke (a grey-toned taupe with pearlised finish) are the perfect combo for a soft and wearable neutral eye.  They both have a smooth texture, are easy to blend and have great colour pay off.  These shades look particularly good against blue eyes.  If you want a more intense look, then you can just apply more of the Where There's Smoke shade as it can easily be built up to transform your look to get a more smokey, sultry feel.  I also love the delicate bird motifs on the pretty.

TopShop have really outdone themselves with their make up range because there's so many of their products that I really like.  I have been using this Eye Crayon in Zephyr which is a gunmetal grey with tiny flecks of shimmer in it.  I like to use this retractable chunky crayon for roughly lining my top lash line, then smudging in to create a very relaxed, soft look.  This would be an amazing liner for a smokey eye because the creamy formula means it's super easy to blend.

The shimmer in this liner is so small that it just translates as a metallic sheen on the eye...gorgeous!  This isn't a liner for precise and crisp lines but it's great when you just want to pop something on your eye and blur the lines.  Although the formula is creamy, it's also long lasting and stays in place all day without bleeding or transferring to your lower eye line.  I think this shade would look amazing applied all over the lid and smudged out!

Here's how I have been wearing it with the Benefit eye shadows all week (I applied a tiny bit of liquid eye liner really close to the lash line for extra definition)...

I have really been getting into make up setting sprays over the past year or so and they are a great way of ensuring your make up doesn't look powdery or cakey.  They also really do help to ensure your make up stays out for longer.  My new favourite make up setting spray is Urban Decay De Slick Oil Control Make Up Setting Spray:

Normally make-up sprays give your skin a fresh, dewy look so I was a bit dubious about how this product was going to keep my skin MATTE all day?

I have to say that this stuff is amazing and it really does work! This super-fine spray is weightless, easy to use and really does control shine.  I spritz it lightly over my face after applying my foundation and all powder products (I do it at this stage as I don't like doing it when I have applied mascara...sometimes it can cause it to clump together).

The result is that my skin looks fresh but matte and it stays that way all day.  This also means that you hardly ever have to re-apply any powder.  I will be using this before any special event or night out because it's the perfect way to prevent a shiny face.  I highly recommend this spray if you suffer from a shiny T-Zone or have oily skin.

Now I wouldn't normally blog about underwear BUT this Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra is incredible.  I already have two in nude and black and when I bought them, they completely transformed my wardrobe.  Before I could never wear strapless dresses or tops because I could never find a strapless bra that fit me properly or was reliable.

This smooth, moulded strapless bra with 'hand tech support' has silicon inner trim to ensure the bra stays in place and now comes in some really pretty designs.  I love this new black lace version over a nude shade.  It's a more glamorous and feminine take on the more basic versions.  Being a larger-chested lady, this bra is the ONLY strapless one I can wear and feel totally confident.

One thing I would say is that although I'm normally a 34E, but I have to buy these Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bras in 36D to ensure a good fit.  Wonderbra generally makes their bras slightly smaller around the back and a smaller cup size is required for a secure fit.  I would highly recommend trying one on in a store and then ordering it on Amazon using the link above to get it at a cheaper price.

I am so thankful that I found these bras because they have opened up loads of new clothing options for me! 


  1. the urban decay super slick is defo a must try for me!! great post x

  2. Where do you buy Wonderbra from? I haven't seen it anywhere myself! I am very tempted to try that TopShop pencil eyeshadow, I wonder if is any different to Mac Shadesticks? Xxx

  3. Lovely products hun :) That concealer looks really good! I'm using the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage at the mo? Really do love it! I also have some Benefit eye shadows in a palette & have to agree they are just lovely! The texture & quality of them is fab!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  4. Hey Laura, can you please tell me where you got your hands on your De Slick? I've wanted this for the longest time but haven't seen it anywhere in London... maybe you lucky Scots are the only ones who can get this in the UK!!
    Also thanks for the tip regarding the bra size, as I'm usually a 36D, but if you're an E and wear their D, I won't risk ordering online. I'm always on the lookout for great strapless bras, as I avoid bra straps at all costs - so thanks for the recommendation! x

  5. Think the oil slick will be a must have for me! Love the look of the topshop blush too. xx

  6. @Glamorouxx - it's really pretty and so much nicer than plain black or plain nude xxx

    @Kerrymarie - I was amazed it worked so well!A must have if you suffer from really shiny skin.

    @Martita@Costa Chic - I got my one from amazon I've never tried a Mac Shadestick but I would imagine it's similar from what I have seen of them :)

    @Aysh - I've heard great things about that Laura Mercier one too. The BB one is just it! xx

    @Blushcrush - You can get the UD De-Slick spray in Debenhams{adtype}&sku=6785526. The bra is amazing!!!It's by far the best strapless bra I have ever tried on. Try some on in a store like Debenhams or House Of Fraser and then order the correct size on amazon...they are cheaper on there :) xxx

    @missdazed - Both are fantastic products xxx


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