Wednesday, 2 November 2011

ASOS Bargain Dress!

Now you guys know that I'm not averse to a little bargain hunt on what seems to be a permanent sale-fest on ASOS.  Whilst I was innocently browsing yesterday, I happened across this Mesh Twist Bandeau Dress priced at a ridiculous £17! (down from £38).  I procrastinated for all of 2 minutes about whether it would be too short on me/unflattering and then just threw caution to the wind.  It's only £17 after all.

I was delighted to see that I have been upgraded to Premier next day delivery status so it arrived on time today, ready for me to rip open and inspect my swag.  The dress is fully lined and is covered in criss-cross chiffon-feel material (but is actually nylon).  It's feels very soft so no scratchy fabric against your skin (I added that bit for you Tali as I know it's one of your main concerns!ha ha).  There's no zip on this dress so you just pull it on basically.  This DOES mean that it's extremely comfortable though! It's a short dress and to gauge how short it would be, it measures 33 inches from top to bottom and I am 5'7 (I ordered a size 12).  It does appear MUCH shorter on the website model however she is 5'10 (this makes things so much easier when websites tell you that information!).

I was worried that it would highlight the fact that I have a less than flat stomach but miraculously, it turned out to be super flattering.  The crossed sections of fabric have a real slimming effect on your torso.  Just what the doctor ordered!

I have a night out on Friday with the girls so I think I may debut this little number for that occasion.  I decided to tone the whole look down with my blush A Wear Blazer as without it, I felt a little on the naked side.

On the same innocent ASOS flight of fancy, I picked up this ASOS Knuckleduster Ring With Hanging Spikes for £6.00.  

It's not my usual style but I liked the edgy look to it.  Although whilst trying it on, I hadn't previously anticipated the fact that it really minimises the range of movement in your hand.  Not surprising really as it basically clamps your fingers together.  It's actually quite comfortable to wear but I would hazard a guess that it's best to wear on your less-used hand.

Let's hope I don't get stopped at the door of the bars for wearing an offensive weapon! But if someone spills their drink on help me god...

In other news, I may be a bit quiet in the next few days as we are preparing to exhibit at our first wedding show on Sunday.  I am equally nervous and excited.  I will let you guys see all the pics afterwards but until then...stay safe and have a fab weekend!

Ciao for now!


  1. Oooooooo I likeeee!!!!!! And now that I know its soft.. lol....

  2. loooove it with that blazer! gorgeous xx

  3. Beautiful! There is something about wearing white that just makes you feel so... pretty. Looks fab with the blazer.

    Ekaete xx

  4. Wowza, you'll be breakin some hearts! xx

  5. @Tali - Soft as a...well, it's

    @Kerrymarie - Thanks for the comment :)

    @Ekaete - It's more ivory than white but I know what you makes you feel fresh and pretty :) x

    @Sarah - ha ha...thanks. Yeah my hubby said something similar when he saw it.

  6. It's really flattering! I have a bandaged bodycon skirt that I thought would be horrific for my belly but that did the opposite too!
    Maybe bodycon should change their name to bodylesscon?
    You look fab anyways!!


  7. LOving the outfit with the jacket and the ring very classy :)

  8. Wow it looks great on you!! Killer legs Laura! Good luck with your wedding show =)

  9. Have a great show. Love the dress, though think it would be v short on me! xx

  10. Great dress! I love bargains like that.

  11. @Eloise - Aww thanks!Yeah I never thought BodyCon would work on me...thought it was just for skinny

    @Chloe Hollywood - Thanks :) xx

    @Alpha Blonde - Thank you...the gym work seems to pay off...I've been doing squats recently!Thanks for the good wishes re the wedding show xxx

    @Computergirl - I was worried about the length but luckily it worked out well.If I was 5'8 or above, it would be VERY short indeed!lol.

    @Jenn A. - It's always fab to get a bargain! xx

  12. Damn, you convinced me to buy it but it's sold out in my size :( You look great, good find! x

  13. That dress looks amazing...I would buy it buy I'm scared to wear always gets dirty somehow!

  14. @Amy Antoinette - Awww no!It did seem to be selling fast.I think there's a red shade too but I definitely prefer the ivory.

    @Belladonna - Thanks :) I did think about the white issue but then again, if it gets dirty then I have tokens for discount dry it worth dry cleaning a £17 dress?lol x

  15. Brilliant find! Love the fit of that dress. Looks great with that blazer too! xxx

  16. What a great dress (love ones that flatter the stomach) and that price is pretty good too. :)

  17. i love the blazer, such a gorgeous color!


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