Saturday, 26 November 2011

Clarins, Beauty-Boxes & MAC

Nothing excites me quite like Limited Edition palettes because they always have a pretty design feature, be it on the exterior packaging or on the pan itself.  Well this Limited Edition Clarins Passion Face Palette has both! The unique Aztec design on the metal compact and on the powder pan is very eye-catching!

Now I always talk about how products from luxury brands feel weighty in your hands, giving you that satisfying feeling that you are holding a luxury item.  Clarins aren't messing around with this compact because it weighs a ton! It's definitely not the kind of palette that you would nonchalantly toss into your handbag of a day.  It's the kind that you might display proudly on your dressing table...on some kind of decorative pedestal...with appropriately flattering lighting.  Ok, maybe I wouldn't go that far but it IS beautiful.

Sometimes I get confused with these kind of face powders because they aren't quite a face powder and they aren't quite a highlighter.  However, the tiny gold reflects in this peach-toned powder with the slightest hint of bronze act like a veil of radiance on your face and in that you can assume you would use sparingly and on specific areas of your face (centre of forehead, high on your cheekbones, down the centre of your nose).  This is definitely a product that works better with night-time make up because it adds that extra polish and glam factor.  Possibly not a good product for anyone who feels they have very oily skin and are self conscious of shine.  I personally like the glow it gives my skin, which is so subtle, it's very hard to capture on camera hence the lack of picture.

Don't be scared of the gold overspray on the pan, this disappears after a few sweeps of your powder brush.  What you are left with is a large section of glow-inducing powder under the design and the rest is a luminous pressed powder.    This is by no means a glittery or even shimmery product, it leaves a healthy gleam on your skin that has a soft focus effect. It certainly avoids that flat matte look you can get from using super matte powders and gives your face more dimension.

It's pricey at £35 here on the Clarins website but it's a lovely Christmas treat that feels and looks expensive and even when it runs out, I fully intend to use it as a cosmetic mirror in my handbag!

I was sent a lovely little treat from Beauty-Boxes which is a website that specialises in beauty accessories including cosmetic cases and travel cases.

They sent me their Large Powder Room Pink Make Up Pouch which retails at a very reasonable £15.46.  The pouch is made from faux leather which has generous measurements of 22cm (w) x 8cm (d) x 15cm (h) which makes it perfect as a handbag make up bag.

The lining has a really cute multi-coloured polka-dot design and the zip opens really wide so it's easy to longer objects such as make-up brushes in there.  It's a pet hate of mine when you almost damage your brushes trying to squeeze them into a little make up bag!

It's a really handy size and fits everything I need in my handbag for touch-ups during the day.  I like that the exterior is faux leather because it means it's wipe clean so it will never get all grubby.

For the longest time, I have wanted MAC Jazzed lipstick because I'm still mad about peachy shades on the lips and although this shade verges on orange, it's a very wearable orange!  My hairdresser Leigh passed it on to me after deciding that it didn't suit her, explaining to me that "it looks like I've been eating spag bol!!!". ha ha.  That wasn't the best recommendation for the lippy but I braved it and tried it on.

It's a rich peach with definite orange tones but it's incredibly wearable and on my complexion, it has a nice brightening effect.  It isn't the easiest to apply, with the dabbing method being employed to prevent that patchy look.  However, if you pat it on, it actually goes on evenly and can be built up for a more intense colour pay off.

I had a search through my lipsticks to find MAC Costa Chic so I could compare and contrast since I had seen people group them together in the past.

I have to say that Costa Chic is far more vibrant and has an almost pearlised finish which I usually hate but somehow that lipstick pulls it off beautifully.  Now examine the sad, grubby little Costa Chic lippy below...that's what happens when you take your favourite summer lipstick to Greece in 40oC heat! Lesson learned people!

I think Jazzed will make it easy for me to transition my love affair with peach lips into Winter without looking like a crazy woman!


  1. Oh Laura, let's just sit cross-legged and play with that lipstick drawer whilst drinking white chocolate hot chocolate... I die for that lipstick-porn shot! x

  2. I wish I didn't have oily skin :( so many more products would be available as a reasonable option to me. Then again it's probably best I only have a limited choice because boy am I blowing my money on it as it is. The limited edition palette and pouch looks beautiful; it looks like it just fell out of an ancient hieroglyphic manuscript and into Marilyn Monroe's face.

    Hmmm, that lipstick looks great on you. I've got such a dark natural lip colour that I don't think much would happen post application. And wow that is quite the lipstick collection to be envious of! I still can't believe I haven't bought a MAC lipstik yet. To be honest, each time I go into a MAC store I'm sort of put off by the huge crowds of people, and the staff are somehow a little intimidating in most cases. *shrugs*.

    I love the last line of this post, lol. xx

  3. @Chloe - ha ha, sure, come on over! I'll supply the hot choc! The awful thing is...that's only two thirds of my lipstick collection! Yes I am THAT bad! Only a beauty blogger would refer to that pic as 'lipstick porn'.lol.

    @Amy - I know what you mean about MAC stores. We don't have one in Aberdeen so I have to order online after trawling swatches on google images!

  4. Ooooh I love that limited edition palette. It is so pretty. You're right you should definitely still use it after it's finished.

    Some of my MAC lipsticks have met the same fate as yours in the heat. I hate when that happens.

    I need to do some organizing and get my lip drawer looking like yours. At the moment mine's just a huge jumble of lip stick, glosses and lip conditioners. It takes me so long to rummage through trying to find the shade I want.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  5. Such a cute little bag of goodies!!

    xo Jenn

  6. lovely post..u take such great pics!

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