Sunday, 27 November 2011

Clarins Rave Review and Update

It's no secret that I have become a really big fan of a lot of Clarins products lately and I'm not sure why it took me so long to get into this brand.   This post however will be dedicated to three gorgeous Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipsticks.

The packaging is chrome, modern and sleek with subtle branding detail...

Uhhh, even just looking at the pic of these three babies makes me drool.  These shades really appeal to me and as soon as I saw them, I knew this was a love affair just waiting to happen!

Left to Right: Rosy Coral, Sunset, Paradise Pink

"An unrivalled formula that delivers long-lasting lip colour, shine and hold that lasts for hours. High Fidelity Pearl technology ensures that colour and shine stay true for hours while this creamy, rich texture provides nourishing skin care benefits to lips. A wide range of colours to choose from to create your own glamorous look."

These lipsticks swatched a little more sheer than I expected and but the great thing about that is that it makes them so wearable for daytime.  They inject that juicy burst of colour on your lips without being too in your face.  They smell lovely and the consistency is quite balm-like with a comfortable and moisturising feel to them.  It's difficult to describe the finish on the lips other than luminous with great shine.  I really can't choose a favourite between all the three shades! They all have a brightening effect on my complexion and have decent lasting power.  These are definitely taking up home in my mobile make up bag.  Holly and Tali, you would really like these!...just saying.

The Clarins Rouge Prodige lipsticks are available in a massive 30 shades, are priced at £17.00 and are available here.

General Update

I spent some of today sorting through my make up collection.  We all know how difficult is is to keep everything neat and orderly when you are constantly rummaging around for things.  I can't wait until we move to our house in April and I can begin to really set up an amazing make-up/wardrobe room for myself.  I could squeal with excitement! 

I have had the talk with hubby and he has agreed that I need a whole room to store my stuff.  I can't wait to deck it out in style! I dream of a dressing room like this one with an added make up area!  My friends would visit and never leave!

Nail It

Here's a random thought.  I was sitting at the hairdressers on Friday afternoon and I suddenly spied a gorgeous pink hair product.  I remember thinking I would love to find a nail polish that was EXACTLY that colour.  Then I thought...wouldn't it be great if you could go somewhere where you could take along a coloured object, they would scan it and mix up a custom nail polish colour just for you! Just like the paint section in B&Q! Maybe someone has thought of that already but I've never heard of it before. 

Square Eyes

Since Chris is working offshore at the moment, this weekend I have been mostly working and watching TV.  I have watched countless trash tv and films this weekend and weirdly loved every minute of it.  I totally pampered myself and recuperated after a week of feeling a bit ill.  The only downside of that is that I have been pigging out way too much and will now have to make up for it by gymming it up starting tomorrow!

Inspirational decor

My thoughts have definitely turned to us buying a house next year and more importantly, how I am going to decorate the house.  I am a massive interior design fan...any excuse to get creative really.  I have been checking out loads of inspiration decor blogs pouring over everything from wallpaper to cushions to wine glasses.  I am really interested in DIY decor too and found these fab ideas...


I have gone a bit Ebay-mad recently and have been buying all sorts from there including make-up storage, clothes, shoes and jewellery.  There's just so many bargains to be had on there and quite often you will find pieces that have sold out in shops.  I will be posting on all the bits and pieces once they have been delivered so stay tuned for that.

Hubby was supposed to be delayed but I just got word that he is back tomorrow after 15 days offshore...HURRAH!!!!


  1. I LOVE those Clarins lipsticks...they are amazing! The nude one is one of my favorite nudes. I have been going nutso over interior design as well. I feel like a dressing room is a must have and luckily Matt agrees. We girly girls have way too much stuff to have a normal walk in closet lol I have all my things packed for now, but I can't wait to show you some of the things I bought for our new apt!

  2. Hehe funny you mention me, I love these lipsticks!! I think the nude is amazing as is the baby pink :) must dig them out, thanks for reminding me x x x ohh can't wait to see your makeup room!!! Xxx

  3. @These are gorgeous aren't they!Ooooh which nude shade is that then? I am interior design obsessed at the's crazy!Well you can come visit my dressing/makeup room when you come over!lol.Can't wait to see your housey bits :)

    @Holly - ah, you already have them!I knew they would be your kinda thing. I love it when you are reminded of how good products are that are already in your posession :) xxx

  4. Shit.. I want all 3 and the bronzer i think I saw in your make-up bag in one previous post. NOOOOO Laura.. nooo.. bad influence!!!

  5. Ah, glad Chris will be coming home soon! There really are some amazing storage solutions on eBay, but sadly I'm set for the time being and told myself that my collection cannot grow outside of that... it's for the best really I suppose :o)
    Rosy coral looks gorgeous on you BTW xxx

  6. @Tali - Oh you would LOVE the bronzer! It actually rivals Dior Matte Sunshine!It's very natural!

    @Chloe - Yeah I'm so chuffed he is home best friend back again :)
    That part of my brain is missing...the part that thinks logically about make up

  7. Love the closet design, I want one!! I have a few pieces by Clarins, and I do sort of overlook the makeup because I think of it more as a skincare brand. Still I know they have been rebranding/packaging recently so much take a look to see what's new! The lips look fab xx

  8. If I had a dressing room like that I'd actually never leave lol!

    That's an impressive collection x

  9. Laura, it's number 122 nude, you have to try it! You should put a couch/tv in there we'll never leave! lol

  10. beautiful products and color... :-)
    we love it... :-)
    please come and visit our blog... :-)

    (HAYU beautiful handicraft)

  11. ohhhhhh thats whay I need - I wonder if my hubby would notice me clearing out the office and making it into a dressing room :-)


  12. I love everything Clarins, but have yet to try their lipsticks out. Rosy Coral and Paradise Pink look so pretty! I'll have to go and buy these now

  13. Those Clarins lippies look just lovely. I've set myself the aim of not buying anything makeup related until i've done my christmas shopping but with those lovelies I dont think that will last long!

    It must be exciting to be thinking about ways to decorate your new house (when you get it). I'm thinking of starting to look to buy a place of my own next year too so any tips or advice you have would be welcome! I've got no idea where to start and even the thought is quite daunting! x

  14. loving clarins products atm!! xx

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