Friday, 18 November 2011

An Early Birthday Present

Ok, my birthday is still 25 days away but whilst prowling the pages of the Reiss sale (my favourite online haunt), I laid eyes on a particular garment that stole my attention from the get-go.  The hubby offered to get the dress for my birthday under one condition...I didn't wear it until my birthday.  A cruel dilemma, but one I was willing to deal with to get my grubby mitts on this dress!  After placing my order only 2 days ago at night time, the parcel arrived today and my excitement was palpable!

I got the Reiss Rich Royal Blue Bodycon Dress which was reduced from £179 to only £53!  I have never owned a proper bodycon dress before and to be honest, I didn't have the body confidence to until now!  All that clingy fabric would have broken me out in a cold sweat before my gym days.  I'm not a skinny girl but I think you have to have some curves for the bodycon dresses to work. (Excuse the makeup in these pics...I had been traipsing around town all day!)...

The fabric of this bandage dress is thick and feels really high quality.  It's a mix of viscose, nylon and elastane which means that it's really easy to wash and take care of.  The black cage detailing is really slimming and the way it sections the torso, means that it's great for camouflaging a less than flat stomach (I'm still working on that!).

The v-neck is flattering on big-chested girls like myself and the dress itself is extremely comfortable to wear with a zip running the full length of the back of the dress.  I am a size 12 and I ordered a Medium on the Reiss site which fits perfectly without being too tight.  There only seems to be Size Large left on the Reiss site but if you search for 'Reiss bodycon' on Ebay, there's a few people selling them on there.  The dress also comes in a nude and black colour combo but it's priced at £125 in the sale.  I personally prefer the vivid blue shade though!

My trusty black Warehouse waterfall blazer compliments the dress perfectly!

Now I just have to hold back from wearing it until December 13th...hmmmm...


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  2. Tried to correct a spelling mistake and deleted the whole comment...

    You look stunning babe.
    I still don't have the body confidence to wear a body con dress, I bought my first body con skirt which I am wearing out tonight so I'm getting there I suppose!

    Aren't husbands excellent!!!

    Ekaete xx

  3. You look gorgeous! Perfect birthday dress :) xxx

  4. What a gorgeous figure you have. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog, it's great reading and I'm Scottish too xx

  5. So I'm reading the post and I go heyyy she's a december born too....saw the pictures and went "niceeee i love that dress"....saw your birth date and literally GASPED out loud!!! We're 'twins' :) lol

    GREAT dress! The blazer complements it beautifully!

  6. @Ekaete - Thanks, it's taken a long time for me to feel comfortable in my own skin but at the ripe ole age of 28, it has finally happened :)

    @Michelle - Thanks very much lovely!

    @Sophie Rosalind - I can't wait to wear it! x

    @Shareen Cameron - yah! Another Scottish blogger!Glad you are a new reader and look forward to hearing from you in the future :)

    @Jeneille - ha are 13th Dec as well? A fellow Saggi! You'll know the general thing that happens with us then..."oh can I just give you a combined birthday and christmas present?".lol

  7. lol yes..and my answer is always NO! it's not the same lol

  8. You look phenomenal Laura!! I am a December baby too :))

  9. Hot damn woman...You look smoking hot in that dress! I love treating myself to early birthday gifts as well :)

  10. Wow that looks great on you! Haha your boobs look awesome! x

  11. @Jeneille - It's frustrating isn't it!ha ha.

    @Alpha Blonde - Awww that's so sweet...I'm blushing!So if your birthday is in December too, that means we can have a join bday party when you move here!ha ha

    @Cheryl - Thanks so much, that's so lovely of to say :)

    @JadeyLou - Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment...and for complimenting my assets!lol. xx

  12. Exactly what I was thinking, lol!

  13. This bodycon dress is really flattering on you, you're right, some curves are definitely needed for it to look as gorgeous!

  14. Hopefully if I get the hang of this blogger thing I can start to's all very new and confusing ATM. Keep up the great work x

  15. Looks gorgeous on you! How Tall are you? I started a new blog aimed at fellow 'tall girls' and style. I might ask you for some style tips :) xx

  16. @Alpha Blonde - Great minds...!

    @Sparks In Spring - Thanks very much and thank you for stopping by to read my blog :)

    @Shareen Cameron - Believe me, once you start blogging, you will get hooked! x

    @5 foot 10 - I am almost not that tall really. I guess I'm slightly above average height for a woman.I'm not a style expert but I would be happy to share any tips should you need them :) x

  17. Gorgeous dress! It looks lovely on you and the blue really suits you! xxx


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