Wednesday, 16 November 2011

FINALLY a rival for By Terry BDR

In the past (here) I have waxed lyrical about the wonder lip product that is By Terry Baume De Rose.  It truly is an amazing lip balm that repairs, softens and smooths the most chapped of lips, whilst adding a pretty pale pink tint to your pout.  However, and it's a BIG however, it's priced at £35 for a 10g pot!  That instantly relegates it into the once-a-year-treat bracket for me.

However, last week I discovered a multi-tasking product which finally matches up to the repairing and softening qualities of the By Terry product.  Step up Rodial Glam Balm LIP...

"Rodial glam balm™ LIP is a special formula designed to plump & fill the lip area, while repairing dry and chapped lips. Filling Spheres inject volume to plump lips and fill fine lines, smoothing imperfections for a flawless appearance. Rose Wax & Shea Butter nourish and soothe chapped lips, while Vitamin E protects against environmental damage".

The thick balm akin to that of By Terry BDR also contains salicylic acid and beeswax.  I have heard of people using this under their eyes to lock in eye cream or brighten the area.  However, in my personal opinion, a thick balm such as this would be far too heavy to apply to such thin, delicate areas of skin.  I also wouldn't apply it all over my face because:

a) It's too expensive to use so liberally
b) It would most likely clog my pores due to it's viscose consistency

I have to say though that this product truly is a multi-tasking wonder for me and a must-have for my handbag because:

1) It can repair chapped lips after one overnight treatment
2) It can be used on any small patches of dry skin on the face to soften and smooth
3) It can be used to tame flyaways
4) It can be used to repair dry or split cuticles
5) It's been said to be a good aftersun (not applicable at the moment obviously!)

The only aspect of the Rodial Glam Balm that differs from By Terry BDR is that it doesn't leave a pale pink tint but that doesn't bother me as it still leaves my lips looking glossy and I use it mostly at night as an intensive treatment.  The consistency reminds me of vaseline but with super-charged effects.  Like By Terry BDR, it has a slight fragrance of Rose which I really like.

I have heard a few bad reviews of the original Rodial Glam Balm but those all featured complaints about it clogging their pores so that doesn't apply to this lip version of the product.

I have been applying this every night to my lips and they are now in incredible condition, all set for wearing bright shades for the festive season!  It has also repaired my dry cuticles within 2 days and they now look perfect.  For me this is a must have product for Winter and I have now added it to my Beauty Must Haves.

Rodial Glam Balm LIP is priced at £19 for a 10ml pot.  I know it's not cheap as chips BUT it's not £35 and you only need the tiniest amount for each application, we're talking a a quarter of a pea-sized amount for the lips! So this lip balm is set to last me a long, long time.  This would make a great stocking filler actually!


  1. Love the sound of this Laura, great review as always! love my BDR but this is on my list for when i'm out xx

  2. I love rodial! My bank account however does not :(x

  3. Sounds great, I'll definitely be buying a couple to get me through the winter! x

  4. Looks super luxe - what's the consistency like? It looks a bit sticky.

  5. I do love a good lip balm.

    creme de la mers is awesome but soooo expensive, will have to check this out.



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