Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Current Loves

I am a bit of a fusspot when it comes to perfume and I generally stick to three main favourites that I rotate depending on the occasion:

YSL Elle
Gucci II
Armani Code

I had seen YSL Cinema around but I had always assumed it would be one of those heavy perfumes that would stick in the back of your throat.  Don't ask me why but I had this preconception in my head.

However, on my visit to London back in Oct, Tali over at the The Gloss Goss mentioned she liked it.  To say this girl smells amazing is an understatement! She smells divine! As creepy as it may sound, it's true.  She cited YSL Cinema as a scent that she liked so that's what initially sparked my interest!  As you can see, the bottle is very pretty with a real glamorous feel as we have all come to expect from a luxury brand like YSL.

YSL Cinema is definitely in the Oriental Floral category and consists of:

Heart Notes
Amaryllis, Peony & Jasmine

Top Notes
Cyclamen, Clementine & Almond Blossom

Base Notes
Vanilla, Musk, Benzoin & Amber

This to me feels like a very sensual and warm scent that isn't at all overpowering.  The Vanilla, Amber and Musk are the notes that really linger over time and the more it develops, the more I like it.  I have been wearing it every day for the past few days and the warm base to it feels comforting to me.  Loving this!

You can pick up the YSL Cinema EDT 35ml for only £24.99 here at The Perfume Shop.

Another her product this past couple of weeks has been the Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eye shadow Collection...

It has such a gorgeous mix of colours which you can see in more detail in my original post here.  I have used it every single day since I got it.  Vanilla, Flow and Chase pretty much create the perfect everyday natural eye look.  My other palettes haven't had a look in because this palette has everything you need to create a paired down daytime look or something more dramatic.  The matte black shade is great for smoking it up or just tidying up black eye liner.  I would always chuck this in my bag without any hesitation that it contains everything I need (Holly, you would LOVE this!).

On crack-of-dawn early mornings, Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster certainly lives up to it's name. It's a liquid toner containing radiance inducing ingredients like green coffee, redcurrant extract and natural anti-oxidants like White Tea extract.  I apply it every morning after cleansing and before moisturiser and it just gives my skin this amazing glow and life.  You only need a very small amount because of the liquid consistency.  My only gripe is that it just has a hole where a spray applicator would be much more useful and practical.

You can pick up a 125ml bottle of this product for just £11.99 over at Escentual as they are having a 20% special offer at the moment!

It's been a while since I used this little pot of flawlessness but I picked one up after trying other primers and not being quite satisfied with the results.  Loreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer smooths the skin, fills pores and fine lines and creates a fantastically even base for make up.  I always notice the difference when I wear this underneath my foundation and it just goes on so evenly with this.  It makes your skin look completely flawless and who doesn't want that?!  It comes in such a small pot though, I just wish they would create a larger size! 

I'm a big believer in taking care of my skin, especially at night time when your body works overtime to repair and renew itself.  Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a product I apply every single night before my moisturiser.  It always seems to fade any scars from spots a lot faster than anything else and as my skin has a tendency to go red in Winter, it also helps to calm that down and keep my skin tone even.  I'm sometimes wary of hyped up products because they have a tendency to not live up to your expectations.  However, in this case, I can see why everyone is so in love with this super serum.

I have seen these stupendously studded shoes on a few blogs and they never fail to make me drool...

It's the Sam Edelman Lorissa Truffle Shoes and since they are priced at £180...they aren't exactly in my usual shoe price bracket.  I may have to justify the purchase somehow because they are just too beautiful.  I am praying they are on sale at some point!  I mean, I could argue that I have to buy them for my own safety...given that they could be used as a weapon of self defence in the event of an attack!


  1. I want to own those heels also!!! I see them all the time in House of Fraser!! :)

  2. That YSL bottle is too beautiful, especially when you see the writing up close! x

  3. I used to wear this YSL perfume during my teens and it's one of the most sophisticated, elegant and feminine scents.

  4. My favourite parfum for years!The best by far!I love the smell of it! Good choice!

  5. I wanted those heels too, they were on sale for half price but left in large sizes. :( Nastygirl have them in 8.5 for $130 though. Hope you find it useful. :)

  6. Those shoes are so awesome. I saw a very similar black pair recently with black jewelled studs. They were incredible, I regret not getting them.

    I say you just go for it. Early christmas present to yourself?!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x
    Ps:Check out my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY!

  7. I really like the advanced night repair - especially now that I am officially old (according to my Son). Love the shoes :-)

  8. YSL cinema is one of my all time favourite scents, so beautiful. I've just started using the Clarins Energizer range too, so far so good.
    P.S - those shoes are to die for! xx

  9. Cinema is one of my favourite perfumes, but my sister wears it so I can't really. Those shoes. I dream of them. So pretty. And I'd guess in nude you could wear them with everything, so the cost per wear would be minimal...correct? xx


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