Sunday, 20 November 2011

OOTN, Ardell & Orly

I have had so many emails commenting on the fact that I always seem to find great dresses on ASOS.  I am well aware that the quality and fit of garments on the website can be inconsistent at times.  I guess the key is that I generally know what styles suit my body shape and what fabrics will work on me.  I think that is a general rule when it comes to online clothes shopping though because with so many online boutiques popping up, it can be hard to know what will look good.  I struck gold with my recent purchase of the ASOS Cream Mesh Twist Bandeau Dress, which I wore on Saturday night for a girl's night out...

Dress: ASOS
Blazer: AWear
Shoes: Next
Necklace: Accessorize
Ring: Dorothy Perkins

My lovely hairdresser Leigh came over and curled my hair with a conical wand, did a bit of back-combing.  I used two tracks of my FoxyLocks deluxe clip in hair extensions in Honey Blonde.  Just as a side note, I got my hairdresser Leigh to put some lowlights into the extensions last year to break the colour up with my natural hair colour.  It just makes the extensions less obvious and to be honest, people never know I'm wearing them, they just think my hair looks good.  It's a pet hate of mine when extensions are really kinda defeats the purpose of wearing them!

My new Next nude platforms got their first outing and went perfectly with the outfit.  I like the chunky heels and they are definitely easier to walk in than stilettos!  My legs were on the pasty side so I chucked on some Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan in Light Shimmer.  I have had a couple of emails over the last few weeks after some of my OOTD posts asking what leg exercises I do at the gym/at home which is very flattering.  So let me know if you guys would like me to do a post on this as I do have some specific routines?

I tried out the Ardell 117 Lashes and I have to say these are the longest lashes I have ever worn.  I usually wear the 109's or 110's because I like to go with the more natural look.  I figured I would try something different for this night out and these lashes looked pretty glam in the packaging.

They look good when my eyes are open and they wing out my eye shape which looks really pretty.  They were easy to apply and felt secure all night.

However, my issue with these lashes is that when you look down, the lashes just look too artificial for my liking.  The inner lashes are MUCH longer than my own so you get that real false lash effect.  If that's your bag, then that's perfectly ok, but for me, I like my lashes to look more natural and blend in with my own, graduating out.

A nail product I just HAVE to talk about in this post is Orly Polishield 3 in 1 Top Coat.  This stuff is a godsend! I often have trouble keeping my nail colour intact for more than a couple of days.  Finding a nail polish that dries quickly, stays put and resists chipping is no mean feat.  But when you have an amazing topcoat that fuses with the polish to create a durable seal...well, it certainly makes a huge difference and saves you the time of constantly re-applying nail colour!

I had heard about Orly Polishield via Twitter and a few blogs and since I have been searching for a great topcoat for as long as I can remember, I was all over this stuff like a rash.  I couldn't wait to find out if it was as good as people were saying.  It is marketed as:

a) chip-resistant, high shine top coat
b) a quick dry treatment 
c) providing UV protection

The proof is in the pudding they say, so I applied Polishield over my Essie Buy Me A Cameo polish on Thursday and after 5 days of wear (including a night out), this is what my nails now look like today...

Perfect! Not one chip or smudge to be seen.  Polishield dries so quickly over the nail colour and seals it in immediately.  Within 10 minutes of applying it, I accidentally hit my nail off a sharp edged door handle and expected there to be a chip or smudge.  However, on inspection, the nail was still that is what I call a topcoat!  The thing I am most pleased about is that it will provide a long-lasting seal for the lower quality polishes in my collection which chip within a day or so.  I often don't use those said polishes because of that annoying problem so Polishield has completely solved that issue! It's definitely a hero product for me.

Orly Polishield is priced at £7.95 and you can get it here.


  1. Its a gorgeous dress, it would just be too short on me. I stated a blog for taller people so we can all moan together about finding dresses! (www.5foot10, just incase you want to look)
    If I was shorted I would have snaffled up that dress. It's so lovely xx

  2. I LOVE your posts!!!!!!!! And your closeups (like the one of your lashes) are so amazing... I've truthfully rarely seen that clear and amazing quality of a closeup before in my life, except on Temptalia, and places like that. But I really got a great look at the lash, which I appreciate. I love that dress it's so sexy girl you should wear it on it's own next time! Show what you've got ;) And finally, I do think the lashes look amazing when your eyes are open! I appreciate that you acknowledge that they look doll-like when your eyes are closed, I love when people are perceptive and self-aware, I'm the same way :)

  3. This look is gorgeous, you really know how to put a good outfit together and look glamorous.

    I love that ring, it is so cool! And the colour and fabric of the blazer looks amazing.

    I generally love false eyelashes, but I think I've had to take a bit of a breather from them because I was buying more and more extravagant ones each time! The more I wore them, the more I felt my own lashes were inadequate! Oopsie. Will try and invest in some natural but still lash-enhancing ones! x

  4. @ComputerGirl - Great...I will check the blog out! Good for you starting something like that...I bet there's loads of girls who want to find something that suits their height. x

    @Buzzed For Beauty - Thanks so much for your lovely compliments.I am finally getting used to how to use my SLR camera properly and hopefully that shows in my photos.I'm very self-aware and the fact I'm a perfectionist means that I'm always trying to get things exactly the way I want them :) x

    @Amy - Thanks so much :) The ring is one of my very favourites and I always get asked where it's from when I wear it.The blazer is just such a great staple in my wardrobe. I SO know what you mean about the lashes thing...I never used to wear them but now I do, my own lashes just seem so crap in comparison!ha ha

  5. Love this outfit and I need to start wearing Ardell lashes again! :)

  6. I have many dramatic false lashes that I thought looked too dressed up too (dramatic, duh!) hahahaha. They look so pretty in the box, how can I resist? But have you tried trimming falsies?

  7. You look fabulous. I love Ardell lashes I've been buying them for a few years now and they never disappoint, I love them more than some of the high end brands!

  8. The description is meticulous. You have rightly pointed out the eyelash problem when eyes are closed. Yes, that's what bothers so many. Regarding the nail polish, you have once again hit the truth and it is the quality. The explanation of the incident is superb and easy for any one to understand what actually you mean by quality. Superb ! Thanks very much.

  9. AWWWWWWWWWW, you look sooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!

    So glad you love Polishield, it's the only topcoat I recommend to everyone.



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