Monday, 7 November 2011

Our First Wedding Show!

We exhibited at our first wedding show yesterday and it really couldn't have gone any better than it did.  Everything went so smoothly, we were super organised and our eye-catching table design went down brilliantly.  We got so many enquiries from couples and from other suppliers so we couldn't be happier.  To be honest, I am still buzzing from the whole experience and it just served to solidify my passion and enthusiasm for what I do.

As promised, here are some pics from the show to let you see our table and all the little details....

We went for a lime green and hot pink colour scheme to really stand out.  Although this may be too bright or quirky for some couple's tastes and we can certainly do traditional and more toned down, we wanted to really get everyone's attention.

We wanted our floral arrangements to look really fresh and original so we used an oasis inside to ensure the flowers were secure and then sliced limes and used them to camouflage the oasis and flower stems.  I love how they turned out!

We collaborated with a lovely lady we know called Maggie to make these cute mini wedding cakes and the white roses she hand-crafted for the top are just perfection.  Maggie also made the hot pink macaroons which are just the perfect contrast.

We also collaborated with a company called Hannah Bakes Cakes to come up with the Jam-Jar Cupcakes in the pic below.  The we decorated them and made little 'I do' signs to further customise them.

I found cute little heart charms on Ebay which added a nice touch to the cupcake signs...

We used these gorgeous plants in the floral arrangements which were actually a type of cabbage!

Maggie crafted some beautiful wedding-themed and heart cookies for our stand as well which would make great favours.

The wedding stationery we used is by an incredible company called Intricate Creations.  We met the couple behind the company at the London wedding show in September and as soon as I saw their amazing laser-cut designs I knew we HAD to work with them!

I love what they came up with for our table and it matched in perfectly with everything.

So now this show was a roaring success, we are now coming up with creative ideas for the bigger show in January.  It's the largest wedding show in the North of Scotland so we really want to make an impact.  I can't wait to start working on it!

I love my job!

It would mean SO much to me if you could support our business by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.  Even if you aren't getting married, the more followers/likes etc that we get, the better.  Our revamped website will be launching in the next couple of days so I can't wait to share that with you all!


  1. I love wedding shows, I help my mom out on her Make Up artist stall :)

    Great designs in the photos, checked out the website too- good luck with the business :)

  2. So so gorgeous, one of my favourite colour combos!Great job, your so good at it Laura, very happy your doing what you love cxxxxx

  3. Wow, that looks amazing- so different to anything I've seen before!! Congratulations!!! x

  4. Love the limes in the vases!!!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the attention to detail! So beautiful <3

    Gem x

  6. That's beautiful, really eye-catching!

  7. Great news it went well, that pink cupcake looks so delicious and the limes are such a cool touch, very eye catching! x

  8. awwww congrats on the business

  9. soooo pretty!! I Love it all

    xo Jenn

  10. wow I must say I'm impressed, you have some lovely ideas there. Love the sliced lime idea, so fresh xx

  11. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I appreciate you taking the time to write me a little message :)

  12. Beautiful setting! Is the picture a mirror image though? I think you have the knife, fork and glass in the wrong place.. might just be European standards that I'm used to...?

  13. absolutely gorgeous! well done! xx


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