Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Rediscovered Love & A Disappointment

Rouge Bunny Rouge is definitely at the very upper scale of price range when it comes to make up, much like Chanel or Dior.  Although I often baulk at their prices, I can't deny that there are a few of the RBR products that never fail to impress me.  I love their Amplitude mascara for unrivalled super thick lashes, their Highlighting Liquid in Sea Of Showers for an ethereal glow and the star of this post, their Devotion Ink Quartz Liner in Tiger Eye Essence...

"A soft, water-based formula ensures tender application. We also added Borosilicates - minute particles of artificial quartz that fill the formula with an incredible shine and shed a coquettish lustre onto the lines. The Eyeliner allows for high coverage, dries quickly, is super long-wearing and has excellent skin compatibility. An elegant brush means you can apply both fine thin lines and passionate wide lines. You can use the Eyeliner alone or over your favourite eye pencils or eye shadow. "

The Quartz Eyeliner has a medium-fine felt applicator that makes it incredibly easy to apply.  The impressive bit comes when you see this product swatched (in hindsight, given the price of this, I shouldn't have used so much for the swatch!!!).

The reflective properties of this bronzey brown eyeliner are just beautiful and I love the way the gold particles catch the light.  It's an ideal liner for this time of year when you want to inject a bit of glamour into different eye looks.  It's hard to capture how pretty this is on camera and the best representation can be seen in the swatch above.

Here's a video from Zuneta that gives a good demonstration of how to use the product:

I wore this yesterday and was asked 3 times what I was wearing.   It's long-lasting, intense, undeniably eye-catching and would look incredible used as part of a brown smokey eye for festive glamour! My love for this product has totally been reignited after digging it out a couple of days ago.  At £27 it's eye-wateringly expensive BUT I got mine in September 2010, I used it a lot and it hasn't dried out so to me, that's pretty damn good!

And now to something which I had high hopes for but unfortunately, it didn't live up to my expectations.  The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero seemed like the perfect peachy pink in a long-lasting pencil formula.

"The convenience of a pencil with the application of a lipstick in a jumbo-size crayon design. Instantly coats lips with rich pigment, imparting a velvet matte finish for seamless color. The long lasting yet non-drying formula is enriched with special emollients for a creamy texture, while a combination of unique silicones ensures long-lasting, velvety color for hours." 

Sounds great right? However, on application, it soon became apparent that this product was not going to work on me.  I had exfoliated my lips beforehand and applied a lip balm to prime them.  Once the balm had worked it's magic, I applied the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil straight onto my lips and this happened...

It just looks chalky, uneven and made my lips look dry and parched (when they're not).  If anyone has any suggestions on how best to apply this then I would really appreciate any advice.


  1. That eyeliner looks stunning! Perfect or blue eyes! Now you have made me want to spend money!! xx

  2. wow the quartz liner looks beautiful! shame the lip pencil wasn't great, i have the matte lip colour from elf in coral which looks exactly the same and i find that i have to apply lip balm first so it's less drying and patchy xx

  3. I am a little bit in love with the eyeliner, it's gorgeous but ouch at the price!

  4. Whenever I see anything by RBR I think of Tali :o) I have a Nars pencil and it's exactly the same, so I've ended up just having to layer it with gloss, which somewhat defeats the purpose I think! x

  5. That eyeliner is so, soo, sooo pretty!

  6. OMG....that eyeliner...*inner magpie rearing its head* LOVE IT! But the price, ouchie! ;)

    Love Aysh xox

  7. I advise you to use the pencil with a gloss, i also couldn't make pencil work out alone. I use it with nars gloss wonder, i guess they are designed to work together :) eyeliner is great btw

  8. Eyeliner looks gorgeous.

    I have the Nars pencil in Roman Holiday (a baby pink) and I have to be careful to ony use it when my lips are in great condition. I use Blistex intesnive moisturiser at night time and lanolips lemonaid during the day. If my lips are still a bit rough then I pop a lipgloss or some more lanolips over the top. Hope this helps xx

  9. I'm ur newest followe and I must say u have an Uh-mazing blog,I'm loving it honestly idk why I didn't find u earlier,great post as well that liner is fab I want it!

  10. I'm ur newest followe and I must say u have an Uh-mazing blog,I'm loving it honestly idk why I didn't find u earlier,great post as well that liner is fab I want it!

  11. Love that liner, must have it! I love Bolero but yes you have to have the perfect base to apply it to, apply baume de rose about ten mins before thats what I do! and a clear gloss on top xx

  12. I have Bolero too and the same problem! I'll try some of these tips. I do look after my lips and it's looked alright a few times so I was a bit gutted when I slapped it on the other day and it looked a mess!


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