Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Birthday Post

Yesterday I turned 29 and I'm still in shock to be honest because in my head, I'm still 21!  I can't say getting older bothers me that much though because I'm happier now than I ever have been before so I would never wish that away.  2012 is going to be a very exciting year so I'm looking to the future with a positive attitude!

This post will just be a quick over view of what I got for my birthday.  I was very lucky to get both birthday presents from my hubby very early and that was my Canon 550D SLR which is my favourite toy at the moment...

He also got me this Reiss dress which I plan on wearing over the festive season!

My brother and his lovely girlfriend, Vicky, surprised me with £100 of Oasis vouchers which I was VERY happy about because I had spied a few things I wanted in there.  The first item I pounced on was this silky embellished top which wasn't in the sale but I just had to have it! I love the beaded detailing around the neck...the styling almost has a 1920's feel to it.

Since wearing my Warehouse waterfall black blazer TO DEATH, I decided I better get myself a new one because it's a wardrobe staple for me! I plumped for this drapey one in Oasis.  Lastly I picked up some soft shorts by True Decadence at Oasis.  The go-with-everything pale taupe shade and soft tailoring makes them perfect to wear with black tights and they will last into next summer too.

My beautiful friend Patricia, who is currently 6 months pregnant and looking amazing, gave me these three gifts...

A cute mouse ring holder (which I was in dire need of!).

A pretty little japanese-inspired cosmetic mirror.

Inglot Nail Enamel in 212 which creates the shattered effect on nails.

I tried it out yesterday with a pale gold nail polish underneath and I like the cool effect it gives...

I did treat myself to three presents from Ebay and luckily they arrived ON my birthday.  The first was this leopard print and pink patterned soft scarf which was only £8.42.  It did take a couple of weeks to arrive but it was being shipped from Hong Kong so I expected that.

The second scarf I got was this Alexander McQueen-inspired pale grey skull one which was only £3.24 from this seller.

The last present to myself was this variation on the Alexander McQueen skull clutch.  It was £16.21 from this seller.  It's made from faux leather and has the skull, jewel and ring design finger handle.  It also has a delicate chain which can be concealed inside the bag of you want to use it as a clutch.

My mum gave me this cobalt blue blazer and I COULDN'T believe it when she told me it was from Marks & Spencer...I never shop there and wouldn't even think of looking there for a blazer.  I absolutely adore the vivid colour which is actually slightly darker in real life and the drapey/relaxed feel to it.

I also got this cuff from my mum which has my birthstone set into it, Turquoise.  It's quite rare to find such good quality Turquoise nowadays but there's an amazing crystal shop near us where they make jewellery out of rare stone, gems and crystals.  Turquoise symbolises speaking your truth as it have a strong effect on the throat chakra.  My mum is a Reiki master and alternative therapist so that may explain the gift and the symbolism behind it.


  1. Happy Birthday! I love the heels in the picture with the blue m&s blazer, where are they from?x

  2. The black court shoes with gold studs are from Dune xx

  3. oh what gorgeous gifts! love the skull scarf :) xx

  4. Happy belated birthday Laura! :) I wish to be pampered with gift cards too! Love the pieces you got.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday hun!!! I had a blast yesterday but had to work so didn't get to send you a message *Dec 13 babies rule!!*

  6. wow love the bracelet, i also believe in alternative therapies and the power of stones and crystals, most people think it's crazy but i love it :D enjoy your presents, you were spoilt!!!

  7. Such gorgeous pieces- if you like skulls then Buter and Wilson have a really unusual skull clutch (although its nearly £300 I think- eek). Looks like you had a lovely day and had some lovely gifts! Lucky you! xx

  8. Aww, happy belated birthday... Hope you had an amazing day.
    The blue blazer is gorgeous and the ring holder is just too cute!

    Ekaete xx

  9. So many awesome things! I love the dress and the blazer especially!

  10. Happy (belated) Birthday! Age is just a number, it doesn't matter when you are as fabulous as you are! You got so many wonderful goodies!

    I heard that 29 is the new 29 ...:)

    I'm new here, but I already enjoy browsing trough your posts and looking at your pics a lot.

    Plus: I already followed your lead and ordered three purses, a scarf and a coat/cape from one of the Chinese ebay sellers you recommended.
    Since my birthday is at the beginning of Feburary and I expect shipping from Hong Kong to Austria to be particularly slow, those items might end up as birthday gifts as well! (Receiving parcels is the best...even if you had to pay for them yourself!)

    I'll keep following your blogg!
    Happy holidays from Vienna

  12. Happy belated birthday hope u had lotsa fun,love evrything u received&bought!

  13. Thanks for all the comments ladies and hello to any new readers/commenters! I love hearing from all of you xxx

  14. Happy Birthday Laura!! You got some amazing gifts, have fun playing with your new camera!! You look gorgeous as always in your pics, well jel of your Reiss dress, love that blue shade xx

  15. just found you on twitter, I gather you're from Aberdeen too? jealous of your camera! LOVE your cobalt blazer and mouse ring holder, ridiculously cute.


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