Thursday, 15 December 2011

Chantecaille and Max Factor

There's nothing quite like a luxury make up brand to ignite the excitement of a beauty blogger and Chantecaille has to be one of the most talked about luxe brands of late.  Tali recently did this post on various products from the brand.

This gorgeous New Classic quad contains three lovely wearable cool-toned eye shadows and a brightening pink cheek shade that are perfect for this time of year.   The pans are larger than your average eye shadow and feature an embossed 'C'.  The quad palette itself is chrome, sleek and contains a mirror.

"Three classic and extremely wearable eye shades in Valerian, Thistle and Lavender

Brightening pink cheek color in Rose is enriched with vitamins A, C and E 
Glamorous and highly pigmented Lavender can be used to define the eye, or create a smoky look 
Pearlescent Valerian’s subtle shimmer can be used to highlight the brow bone, or the inner corners of the eye 
Neutral Thistle is the perfect silver gray lid shade for both day and night."

Here are some swatches with flash....

And without...

The eye shadows and cheek colour all have good pigmentation and a smooth texture.  I like the lovely lilac tones in the eye shades and they offer a softer alternative to harsh greys and black.  All of the soft shades contain delicate shimmer that doesn't create any messy fall out.  I really like this palette but be warned, it's VERY expensive and I would only consider something like this as a big treat!

I'm always on the look out for cheaper make up brushes that also maintain quality.  Max Factor now offer a small range of brushes and I just wanted to do a quick overview of 4 of them to give you my thoughts on which ones are worth a look.

On first impressions, I was impressed by the packaging.  Usually pharmacy/drug-store brands just package their brushes in flimsy plastic sleeves, however Max Factor brushes come in sturdy matte black boxes which instantly make them seem more up-market.

Let's take a look at their Powder Brush first which retails at £15.35.  The Powder Brush is full, soft and silky on the skin.  I have been using it to apply face powder and it does the job beautifully, applying JUST the right amount.  I can't say that it doesn't shed at all, I would say that on average it sheds maybe one fibre every third time I use it.  To me, that's pretty good for a cheaper brand of make up brush.  I have washed it once and it definitely sheds even less now it has been cleaned.

The Blush Brush retails at £11.25 and is also soft to the touch with a fluffy feel that I often prefer in blush brushes, due to them distributing the product more evenly and lightly.  It hasn't shed at all as of yet and I have also cleaned this one once.  It seems to pick up just the right amount of blush and gives that natural look with even the most vibrant of colours.

The Eye Shadow Brush retails at £6.50 and even though it was voted as part of Bazaar Beauty Hot 100, I wasn't as impressed with this one.  I think Elf actually do better budget eye shadow brushes, specifically their eye blending brush.   This Max Factor brush is ok but it doesn't seem to pick up very much powder and I often found myself having to apply eye shadow in layer after layer to get the desired effect.

This Eye Definer brush also retails at £6.50 and has been designed to line the eyes with powder shadow.  I wasn't keen on this brush because the bristles were too sparse to create clean definition.  I prefer a definer brush with a sharper edge to give me more control.

So, in conclusion, if you were thinking of trying these brushes, I would recommend the Powder and Blush Brushes.  They are very reasonable in price given their quality and performance but for cheaper eye shadow brushes, try Elf.


  1. The Max Factor Powder brush is a fave of mine. I love how big is it!

  2. I haven't tried Max Factor brushes... If I want to get a cheaper brush, for instance one that I'm not going to use daily, I get them from ELF.

    The Chantecaille eyeshadows look so pretty.

    Ekaete xx

  3. I havent tried the Max factor brushes, but I love my gosh eyeshadow brush- fairly cheap but so soft, doesnt shred and picks up lots of powder (I think I have posted on it). Anyway- I want to try Chantecaille but have had to put the breaks on that at the moment. Perhaps Ill treat myself to some foundation once my skin has settled- that is an incentive :) xx


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