Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Enrapture, New Make Up Case & an Imposter!

I love wearing my hair wavy, because it gives my fine hair that extra bit of volume and shape.  On lazy days though, sometimes it can be a bit of a faff! I wanted to try out a new hair tool so I very quickly waved my hair on Saturday night and this was the result...

I'm not wearing any hair extension in these pics so it's just my own hair.  I used the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler which is the first styler to have three heat zones that can be independently set to different temperatures.  This means that you choose how tight your curls, whether you want loose waves at the roots and tighter ones at the ends etc.  For example, I styled my hair using the 1-2-2 combo which gives you larger waves at the top and gradually getting a bit more wavy towards the ends of the hair.

The Encode Totem Styler comes in a gorgeous cobalt blue box and right away, it looks and feels like a high quality styling tool.  I fully intend on keeping the sturdy box for storing the styler.  You get a heat resistant travel pouch and a style guide to help you try out all the different heat combinations.  This styler heats up super fast and I only had to hold the styler in place for 10 seconds to get the desired effect.

It has a mini flipper so you can use it like traditional tongs but I prefer not to use that as that often leaves kinks in my hair where it gets clamped.  It didn't snag or pull at my hair whatsoever and the titanium plate technology is supposed to increase performance and longevity hence the 3 year guarantee on this styler.

I really like this hair styling tool because it's so flexible and is basically a conical wand and curling tongs in one.  It's also really simple to use and gives you waves in a jiffy.

I just noticed that the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler is on sale at Curry's at the moment (reduced from £74.99 to £49.99) AND remember that you can also pick up Boots Advantage Points from the transaction by logging into Boots Treat Street before you buy.  I always seem to forget about Boots Treat Street but it's worth remembering because you can build up loads of points and spend them on lots of lovely cosmetics and beauty products!

I used Tigi Catwalk Volume Collection Your Highness Root Boost Spray which held the waves in my hair all day.  It gives nice volume at the roots too which I could always do with.

"Introduce some texture and lift to your hair with TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray. This amazing styling spray foam delivers the lift and support essential for a long lasting, dramatic style.  Magnificent volume starts at the roots and with TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost Spray you’ll get just that. The conditioning ingredients of lavender, wisteria, jasmine and violet coat each strand of hair, injecting it with nourishment and shine. The lightweight formula is ideal for fine hair and will leave it moisturised without being too heavy."

I love the smell of this Tigi range and I particularly like the shine spray they do as well.  This Root Boost Spray doesn't weigh my hair down or leave any sticky/greasy residue so it's ideal for my fine hair.  I just spray it straight into the roots of my hair, work it in and then run the remainder of the product on my hands through the lengths of my hair to keep the curl.   I don't like using too much hairspray on my hair because it can look too solid and unnatural.  That's why I need a good volumising spray to rely on instead.

And now for another fab item which I bought from Ebay last week.  I felt like I wanted a portable make up case for my cosmetics and spotted this one for £30.96 with free delivery from this seller.  There are other sellers who also provide the same case in pink.

The case is 31cm x 24cm x 25cm and has a zip down top, shoulder strap (not shown in pic), carry handles and is made from a sturdy, wipe-clean faux croc fabric.  The inside of the case has two 2 tier interlocking shelves with different sized compartments...

The tiered shelves open outwards to reveal a larger section underneath which is roomy enough to house MAC palettes and any larger items you have.  You can fit absolutely loads of stuff in this case!

I just like to have my most used items in one place and my smaller make up bag was full to the brim.  This way I can keep all my favourite products clean, tidy and organised.  I think I will mix up the case once a month and introduce new products to make sure I'm making the most of my whole collection (which is now disgustingly vast!).

Maybe I am slightly OCD but organising my things in this way gives me a sense of enormous satisfaction and  calm! ha ha.

I was notified last week by the lovely Sophie that someone had stolen posts from my blog and is passing them off as their own.  This fake blog hasn't posted since last year BUT that's not the point.  It really annoys me that someone thinks it's ok to plagiarise like that and use my photos (which is just plain weird).  I just wanted to bring this to your attention and also say that unless you get an email from liparazzi@googlemail.com then it's not me contacting you.  I worry that someone will try and scam people using my good name.  I notice that similar things have happened to other bloggers of late so it's just something to look out for.  That is all.

To close this post on a more positive note,  I just wanted to share this song which I'm loving at the moment...it's deliciously chilled! 


  1. Waves look great on you, love that wand! Ohh the case is so glam, I have a boring one but now am hankering after a patent, mock croc one hehe xx

  2. I'll have to give that styling tool a look, it could be great for me. I always want hair like yours in the pic but I don't know how to achieve it, it's always too curly or falls out quickly.

    That make up case is awesome, I just bought a new make up bag though so it's a bit late :'(

    I can't believe someone was stealing your material, that's horrible!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  3. Your hair looks fab! And you've just reminded me to pick up UD De-slick when I buy my Naked2 palette in January!
    Why would someone bother to steal all your posts that have your blog address on the pics? What a strange person!

  4. I've been reading your blog for a while but I don't think I have commented. I just needed to tell you that you're hair looks fantastic! Really, it's lovely. Such a pretty style on you :)

  5. @Holly - I love that makeup case...I feel so organised now!The Enrapture wand is great...O actually prefer it to my Babyliss conical wand now!

    @Ugly Duckling - The styling tool is fantastic, I really like it.

    @Laura - Glad to be of service!lol.

    @pretty addicted - aww thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous!! That case...hmmm I might buy that for my Mum, she's after some new make up storage.

  7. I love the wavy hair! My hair is pretty limp too, it's nice to have some volume every once in awhile and it's a nice change from the barrel style curls...and ooh :::shudders::: copying someone's blog like that is really creepy..

  8. Ahhh love the make up case- Thanks! I just checked out that other blog- So creepy! Why would anyone do that!? xxx


  9. I still wear my shorts only with really thick tights! I love that look.

    I had a giggle at the wee imposter thing but in all seriousness taking credit for others hard work sucks!

  10. How awful that someone would steal your blog posts xx love the tights and shorts too!

  11. Your hair looks brilliant! I'm going to have to buy the case! xxx


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