Saturday, 17 December 2011

OOTD: The Detail Shirt

Ever since Wolverine chewed through my beloved Zara cream silk blouse, I have been looking for a new one that fitted my criteria:

Relaxed fit
No embellishment
Long sleeves which can be rollled up
Slightly below hip level

Blazer: A Wear
Blouse: Warehouse (I can't find the link online but have a look in your nearest store)
Skirt: Rise Fashion
Shoes: Next (link)
Bag: ASOS (link)
Necklace: Ebay (link)
Bangle: Gift from my mum

The Warehouse blouse has a lovely cross-hatch detail on the back which gives it that extra something. It also has lovely pleating detail coming down from the shoulder area.

It's sheer so if you're not a bra flasher (which I'm not) then it's best to invest in a nude vest for underneath or layer it up with something.  I found that this top I got from Oasis looks perfect with it!

I also got this adorable ring from my latest hunting ground...Ebay.  It's so dinky and cute!

It has an adjustable band to fit an finger size.  I got this Mesh Bow Ring from this Ebay seller for just 99p!!! It's from China so at that price I'll have to wait and see if it turns my finger green.  But for 99p that isn't really a major issue!


  1. such a cute combo! love the look!! xo

  2. Love the blouse, the back of it is gorgeous.

  3. Great outfit :) Love the shirt!

  4. Aaaah, I love your outfit! I love sheer white blouses, I got one recently and have been literally living in it. The detal on the back of this one is reallx gorgeous, I hope I can find it online. <3 :)


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