Monday, 5 December 2011

Red Lips, Fat Lashes & Ebay finds

This truly is the perfect time of year to rock a vivid red lip what with everyone starting to feel a tad more festive.  I used to feel utterly self-conscious about wearing bright lips but the more you don those vibrant hues, the more you start to appreciate the feeling of glamour. I also like the way it gives shape to your lips unlike nudes and more natural shades.

Step up YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre Lipstick in Rouge De Venise (no.112)...

Sleek gold packaging teamed with the regal YSL emblem...drool.

"The three emblamatic golds of Yves Saint Laurent; Classic Gold, Pink Gold and White Gold deliver a trilogy of golden metallic sparkles sprinkled across 8 vibrant shades. ROUGE PUR COUTURE 'GOLDEN LUSTRE' subtly dresses the lips in shimmering gold reflects for a luminous result, created exclusively for Yves Saint Laurent by our International Make-Up Artist, Lloyd Simmonds."

This red is rich, cool toned dark red and because of that, I did find it's better to apply a bit of fake tan to make sure it doesn't wash you out too much.  It definitely has a lustre to it and that gives the lips more dimension.  I do like matte lips but the luminosity in this lippy looks just that bit more glamorous without being at all glittery or overly shimmery. 

I just paired Urban Decay Sin with Chase, a little Skimp on the brow bone and some Vanilla in the inner corners to open my eyes up.  A thin dash of black liquid liner and one coat of black mascara and voila.  I kept the cheeks toned down with a touch of Estee Lauder Peach Nuance blush.

My lips always look so much fuller when I wear a bright lip because their shape often gets lost when I wear neutral shades.  I like the fact I can reclaim my top lip! This lippy has great staying power when I teamed it with my favourite red lip liner Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Liner in Red.  Your lip colour will stay on all day/night with that powerful duo.

Preparation must be carried out so lip exfoliation is a must for even application and coverage.  These lipsticks are not cheap at £22.50 each but the colours are really gorgeous.  This red is a classic and the fuschia and coral shades look amazing.  You do get what you pay for with these lipsticks.

Ever since I heard Tanya raving about Bourjois Volumizer mascara numerous times on YouTube, I have wanted to give it a go.  I love thick, fluttery voluminous lashes so I was hoping this could be a cheaper alternative to the amazing Rouge Bunny Rouge Amplitude mascara.  Although this isn't the cheapest of 'drugstore' mascara's at £10.49 a pop!

BUT since I had some Boots advantage points to spend, I thought I would give it a whirl! Here's a few more deets about the product:

"The new Volumizer mascara works in just 2 steps to build up to 11 x more volume, clump-free.
Its secret? AN INNOVATIVE TRANSFORMABLE BRUSH. Choose the volume that suits best your style or the occasion:
- Use Step 1 for extremely defined lashes with 2 x more volume, perfect for the day or if you want to focus on your lips. 
- Use Step 1+2 for dramatic lashes with up to 11 x more volume with no clumps, perfect if you want the ultimate show-stopping eyes.

How does it work:
Step 1 - the lightly loaded brush gives you a defined volume and prepares lashes for a second stroke without clogging
Step 2 - the fully loaded brush will coat your lashes to boost and build maximum volume with no clumps.
Its formula builds instant volume to lashes and can be applied layer upon layer without clogging, boosting volume with every stroke.
... And it's good for your eyes:
Enriched with fortifying and repairing ceramide, natural waxes and provitamin B5, it is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers."
So, here are the results.
Step 1
This brush is a traditional bristle mascara wand which I actually think works best after trying rubber wands, plastic wands etc.

Step 1 gives you subtly defined daytime lashes with no smudging, flaking or transfer throughout the day.

Step 2

This second mascara wand is also a traditional bristle one and is more tightly packed to deposit more product on your eyes and add volume.  I did find it was better to quickly scrape the brush on the top of the tube just to remove any excess product.  I'm not into clumpy lashes.

This second step certainly added more length and volume to my lashes and it's very easy to layer and build up to the desired level.  My lashes are a bit crap at the moment but this mascara really made the most of what I have.  It didn't budge throughout the whole day and that is a must for me when testing out mascaras.  No panda eyes for me thank you!

Despite mixed reviews, I really like this product and feel like it does what it says on the tin.  £10.49 is a lot cheaper than shelling out for a YSL Singulier or Faux Cils!

Remember I said I picked up loads of bits and pieces on Ebay? Well they have started arriving so I will just post about them whenever I receive them.  I became almost obsessed with Ebay for about a week or two, mostly because you can pick up items which have been discontinued in stores or have sold out.  I have added links were possible.

First up, this Topshop Cage Armour ring which I got for £5.  I have a thing about statement rings and I haven't got anything like this piece in my collection.

I love the way it looks on but I made the mistake of trying to make it fit on my index finger, got stuck and then spent the following 15 minutes trying to work it off with washing up liquid!  Thankfully I got it off eventually and realised that it's supposed to live on my middle or ring finger on my right hand.  Something else I realised about this design on wearing it out on Saturday is that it restricts the movement of your finger i.e. you're unable to bend it.  That meant that I had a a rather interesting way of holding my drink for the night.  Fashion is pain!

I then got this River Island fabric necklace for £3.99 which features loads of sparkly jewels mounted on felt with a stain ribbon tie.  You can wear it high as a choker necklace or slung lower.  I love this for a bit of bling and it looks amazing when you team it with a simple cream flowy blouse!

This next multi-chain Topshop Leaf necklace was only £4.99 and looks great slung over plain t-shirts. The leaf detailing is really delicate and gives the necklace real weight and makes it more of a statement piece.

Lastly, I love my Faith wedding shoes so much that when I spotted them on Ebay, I just HAD to buy them.  They were only £30 (original price £80) so I thought it would be rude not to!  I have worn the other ones a lot since my wedding last year so they could have looked better.  Now I have a brand spanking new pair and can rock them over the festive period.  They are pretty much the perfect party shoes.

Nude, go-with-everything shade? CHECK!
Sparkly? CHECK!
Insanely comfortable? CHECK!
Perfect heel height at 3 inches? CHECK!
Make legs look longer? CHECK!

I would marry these shoes if I could! (sorry hubster).


  1. I love Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks! That red looks lovely on you :)

  2. The shoes are really great!

  3. Must try the mascara sometime, I've never tried a Boiurjois mascara and as for that caged ring, it is gorgeous.

  4. Oh I love it, it's very Mad Men!

  5. I am desperate for a ysl golden lustre lipstick, the pink one has caught my eye in store! I love the delicate shimmer, looks gorgeous! i just invested in bourjois volumizer too and so far im impressed but still love my dior extase more unfortunately for my bank balance :(

    Hayley x

  6. I loove YSL lipsticks, and the Golden Lustres are really beautiful. I have 108 Ochre Rose and 109 Corail D'Or. I loved them in the tube, but OMG, when they're applied, they are STUNNING! Particularly 108, which is a beautiful nude shade.

  7. I love that lipstick on you!

  8. love the red lipstick but i dont think i would be daring enough to wear it. maybe another time =P xxx

  9. @ilikepretty - Thanks very much :)

    @Aneka - YSL lippies definitely feature in my top 5 lippies of all time :)

    @Selli - I just had to re-purchase them, I love them so much

    @Essjay23x - The mascara is definitely worth trying!

    @Dawniepaints - There's something about this shade of red that is very retro!

    @Hayley - I love this lipstick,it's worth the pricetag x

    @dontcallmejessie - I have the coral shade too and it's lovely too :)

    @Sd - Thanks hun :)

    @TzeTien89 - I never used to wear bright lipsticks but now I'm addicted to them!

  10. You look AMAZING with red lips! Wow. And I love all of the accessories too, I am a bit of an accessories hoarder lol

  11. you really suit the red lip! I love this make up look on you

    Love finding more gorgeous scottish bloggers!!!!



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