Monday, 5 December 2011

Review of Babyliss Pro Ceramic 215 Straighteners

I am not a straighteners daily devotee but I do like to have a pair on hand for those days when my hair just won't behave itself.  I have had a pair of GHD's for a long time now but it's always good to have a more lightweight, portable and affordable travelling pair.  It's never a good idea to take £99 straighteners on your  travels so the fact that the Babyliss Pro Ceramic 215 straighteners ones are only £14.39 here , makes them a smarter choice.

I wanted to do a quick size comparison with my GHD's just to give an idea of how they differ.  The Babyliss straighteners are much lighter in weight and narrower and therefore much more efficient for travel purposes.  It has floating ceramic plates for even pressure, multi-voltage for worldwide use and reach a temperature of 215oC (GHD's generally reach 210oC).  They also come with a 3 year guarantee.

These Babyliss straighteners have a simplified look with just an on/off button and indicator light.  My only gripe with this is that the light goes red when you switch them on and stays that way so you never really know when they have reached maximum temperature.  I generally wait 2 minutes or so before using them though.  

Now before I talk about how they straighteners perform, I feel like it's important to mention a few things about my hair.  Everyone's hair is very different and I think it helps in a review such as this to describe how your hair normally behaves so you guys can make an informed decision.  So here goes:

a) I have fine hair and quite a lot of it
b) My hair dries generally quite straight with a few kinks
c) I only ever have to run straighteners over my hair once for it to work
d) It never takes more than 5 minutes for me to straighten my hair

After using the Babyliss Pro Ceramic 215, this is how my hair looked....

It's smooth, straight and shiny so all in all, I'm a happy bunny.  Now before you try to compare these straighteners to your GHD's (which you undoubtedly own), just remember that would be like trying to compare a Fiesta and a Ferrari.  These straighteners aren't trying to be GHD's, they're trying (and succeeding) at being budget straighteners that are ideal for travelling or even for first-time users of straighteners.

The only downside to these is that they do sometimes snag your hair SLIGHTLY but not enough to cause breakage.  I do think they would work better on fine hair as I believe thick, wavy hair can be a nightmare to straighten.  If you have notoriously difficult hair, then it may be best to invest in a pair of GHD's.  They also don't come with a heat-proof mat but at such a low price, extras like that are rarely included.

So in conclusion, these straighteners are a handy little addition to my travel bag and will definitely be coming with me for my trip to Ireland over Christmas.


  1. I'd love to get away with being able to use cheaper alternatives, my hair is curly, thick, brittle and hard to manage, I have 2 pairs of GHD's one is the normal styler the others are the wide plate stylers which are an absolute revelation! Tame my very unmanageable locks in seconds. Gawd bless you GHD

  2. I guess I'm lucky my hair is quite easy to straighten :)

  3. This post is great! Check out my post on my NEW pair of ghds! wooo! x

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  5. I am not a straighteners daily devotee but I do like to have a pair on hand for those days when my hair just won't behave itself. I have had a pair ...

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