Thursday, 8 December 2011

Strapless Party Dresses

I seem to have developed a penchant for strapless dresses of late.  Well, less of a penchant and more of an infatuation.  Strapless dresses used to be a no-go area for me because I could never find a strapless bra that worked and actually stayed up.  I got to the point where I just vetoed any dress that had to hold itself up.  Then I discovered the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless bra which I blogged about here.  If you are a big-busted lady like me or have trouble finding good strapless bras, then you need this in your life! I get mine from Amazon because they tend to be cheaper there BUT I advise trying it on in a store first because they run a little small around the back and you often have to go down a cup size. I really like the new design with black lace on nude and bought two recently.

Anyway, I just wanted to run through three strapless dresses that I got recently.  The first is from ASOS and only cost £27 in the sale!

I absolutely love the bronzey-gold colour of this dress and the textured fabric makes it all the more interesting!  It also makes the dress feel expensive and luxe.  The thick black waistband nips you in at your smallest point and the length of the dress is perfection.  It has a really interesting back which I forgot to take a pic of so here's the image from the website to demonstrate...

The only problem with the back of this dress is that you get more than a little self-conscious about where the back of your bra is located in relation to the elasticated straps across your back.  It is possible to conceal your bra at the back but I think I may get someone to safety-pin the dress to my bra to make sure it doesn't shift during the night! (that's a job for the hubster).  This dress feels really festive to me because of the metallic look of the fabric.  The best thing is, it's perfect for any occasion.  The cleavage is minimal so you could wear it to a meal but the length and look of the dress would easily lend itself to a glam night out too.  It could be teamed with opaque black tights on colder nights too.

Now you'll have to excuse my pasty legs in these pics.  I haven't applied any fake tan so I can't be held responsible for you being blinded by the glare coming from my legs!

This next dress is also from ASOS via an Ebay seller and was only £14.99 with free delivery (I have coupled it with a skinny gold belt from ASOS and my blazer from AWear).  I must say that on my figure, I much prefer this dress WITH the blazer than without.  I feel like it's more figure-flattering when the chest and torso area are minimised by the vertical lines of the blazer.

It's made from VERY light cotton so it doesn't feel as high quality as the first dress but the boning on upper section of the dress adds shape, support and definition.  I love the fan pleat ruffle hem and the delicate pale peach hue.  Because this dress is cotton, I feel like it could be dressed down with a long cardigan and ballet pumps.

This next dress is from Boohoo for £20.00 (the brand of the dress is actually AX Paris which I think is also available in New Look stores).  I ordered a size 12 but the sizes run a little small so this felt more like a size 10! After a lot of jiggling, humping and shimmying around, I got the dress on.  It's VERY bodycon and for that reason, I would wear a blazer over it to tone it down a bit.  It's difficult to wear certain dresses when you have a big bust without them looking overly sexualised so I often find it best to neutralise it slightly with a drapey blazer.

I think if this dress is going to fit me at Christmas then I'll have to lay off the mince pies! This week was going  quite well gym-wise until I woke up today with a horrible cold! I didn't know it was possible for the body to produce this much snot.  Attractive!


  1. OMG LOVE the black one the most! Seriously hot dress!! I dont ever wear cream/blushe etc but that blush colored dress with the gold belt looks so good it does make me thing I should one day try!
    You dont look snotty if it makes you feel any better! You look great!

  2. I knew you would like that black one!I'm loving the skinny metallic belts on ASOS at the mo...they come in all different colours and can change the look of a dress.Glad to know I managed to conceal the snottiness!ha ha

  3. They all look great on you but the black is my fave too! I also really like the blazer, I never look in Awear.
    I am also heavily mammaried and the strapless bra I have is shocking, may as well not bother! Will check out the Wonderbra and see if that can control them..

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  5. I think you look great in them all, the peach one looks fab on you (my fav)! Especially with that blazer :)

  6. i like your necklace with the first dress

  7. You have such a lovely healthy figure.

    I love the first dress x

  8. I love all your dresses! You have a gorgeous figure xx

  9. Thanks for all the comments ladies :) appreciate you taking the time xxx

  10. you ever used This is a fabuloussite. Nice dress though! Wearing such dresses with a bra tape is even better as it simply lifts the breast which is a key factor with strapless dresses. Have that before?


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