Friday, 9 December 2011

Wrap It Up

I am a nail wrap virgin so when I was sent these Myleene Klass ones to try out, I thought I could give it a go.  Nail wraps boast:

No gluing
No polishing
No Chipping
No Smudging
No Peeling

These red glitter wraps are part of the Myleene Klass Sparkle collection... 

They come with full instructions on how to apply them...

There are 24 nail wraps in the pack (presumably the extras are to cover mistakes) with a nail file included...

I made sure my nails were clean and dry and then began to match up the different sizes of nail wrap with my fingers and toes.  I have narrow nails so I had the cut them to size, smooth them on, then bend the wrap over the tip of my nail and file off.  It was really easy to file the end of the wrap off and create a neat finish which I was impressed with...

Apart from a couple of small creases, I thought I did a pretty good job!

So, the big question is, what did I think of them overall?

Well, this is the not-so-fun part of blogging when you don't like a product.  BUT I think it's really important to blog about product that didn't work for you as well as ones that did.  Now, I have a couple of problems with this product:

a) The nail wraps only lasted about an hour before they started to peel away at the edges and I constantly had to keep smoothing them down.  I washed my hands once and they began to loosen.  That disappointed me as surely this would be classed as a normal day-to-day practice?!

b) I don't feel like the wraps are cost effective when you can buy a nail polish and then seal it with something like Orly Polishield to prevent chipping etc.  You get multiple uses out of bottles of polish whereas you only get one use out of the wraps.

I understand that they offer a unique design or finish that is difficult for a novice to achieve with nail polish but the fact that you can't even wash your hands without the wraps peeling off is very disappointing.  When I was forced to remove the wraps after the first day, they left a messy gluey residue on my nails which was removed after some scrubbing with nail polish remover.

I do have a couple of Nail Rock ones that I recently got with amazing designs so I'm hoping that they fare a little better.

Are all nail wraps like this or have you found a brand that works for you? Is it better to stick to wraps that are professionally applied by a beautician?


  1. I've blogged about these today...they looked so nice on...

  2. Yeah I thought they looked great on but I was just so disappointed when they started peeling so soon :(

  3. They look so lovely on what a shame, I have never attempted nail wraps as I know it will just end in disaster and I'm so bad at applying things like this! xx

  4. @Holly - I know, the red glitter was really Christmassy too! I took ages applying them so I was gutted when they started coming off :(

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  6. Aww its too bad they turned out to be of not such good quality, because the design is definitely beautiful! I've tried the polka dot ones from nailease & really loved them, they lasted for a few days too & had a lovely glossy finish. :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. They look so pretty!
    I am crazy for red polish at the minute

  8. They look so pretty! too bad they don't work well.Thanx for sharing:)

  9. I have the Nail Rocks ones and I love them. They lasted a good few days before becoming unsticky and look amazing.

  10. Mine fell away completely within 1/2 an hour - i don't have very good nails but they looked good for about 20 mins, I thought it was just me as even those minx wraps don't seem to stay on my nails.

  11. Hi Laura! I just wanted to say 'hey' as i've emailed you a while ago now and we were chatting about bronzers! On yor recommendation i bought the dior one, it's lovely so thank you! Thought i'd get in touch as i've just started a blog myself, having read yours and other fab ones over the last year i decided to 'bite the bullet'! so thank you for your beauty advice and the inspiration to start a blog myself! x

  12. @Stephanie - aww that's so lovely!I'm so glad you decided to start your own blog! I will go take a look :) xx


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