Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Reiss-on For My Happiness

I had coveted these shoes on the Reiss website for months, wincing over the £169 price tag and secretly wondering if I could justify such a purchase just before Christmas.  The answer was an unequivocal no.  

Surely I would be happier with these in my life? (at least that's what the consumerist in me was whispering).  After my lovely hubster had announced to me that he was going to give me money for Christmas as well as some other things, I had started to watch stalk the Reiss website to check if they were included in the sale.  Sure enough they were and that's when the real panic set in...what if they sold out before I got a chance to swipe them?! I shuddered at the thought.

Checking the Reiss sale became a daily (ok, thrice daily) event.  Then Christmas Day finally arrived and it was time to be united with my perfect party shoes.  I quickly logged on to the Reiss website with baited breath.  What happened next confirmed to me and those shoes were always meant to be in eachother's lives.  There was only one size left and it was my size! It's destiny! (oh the things we tell ourselves before we off load money!)

The shoes were reduced from £169 to just £50 so the fact they were a fantastic bargain made the purchase all the sweeter.  But then I started to worry...what if they didn't live up to my expectations or cut up my feet so bad that I had to hobble home? (that has indeed happened before).  I could only wait until the Reiss parcel arrived to find out.  It arrived within 2 days which I think is impressive after a Christmas Day order!  I actually made Chris drive me to the courier depot because I missed the initial delivery.  He kept saying "what's the rush, they're just shoes!".  I naturally shot him a stern look.

I could hardly wait until I got home to tear into the parcel.  The excitement built as I tore the paper aside.

They were even more lovely than the pics on the Reiss website.

They possess everything I look for in an 'occasion' shoe:

Go-with-everything black? Check!
Perfect heel height for glamour AND comfort? Check!
Platform? Check!
Straps that don't cut into your feet? Check!
Sparkle factor? Check!

They feel SO high quality and the crystals have been securely glued and won't be budging any time soon.

Happy is not the word.  I wore them on New Year's Eve and spent half the night staring at my feet.  Sad? Maybe...but such is the life of a shoe obsessive.


  1. What a total bargain! These are GORGEOUS!


  2. They look totally sexy !
    love em


  3. They are gorgeous shoes. What a bargain too from Reiss.

    Glad you like them so much! I would be driving to the depot to get them too!! Haha!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING!


  4. They.are.gorgeous!!! 'Just shoes'????? They will never understand :(

  5. Just Shoes!

    Ha! Even my ex understood when I went to get my stuff all I really couldn't bear leaving was my kurt geigers!

  6. them shoes are amazing - gonna have to check out ebay me thinks! :)

  7. @Pauline - I was so chuffed with this bargain...favourite of the whole year!I reckon I will get some more stuff from Reiss before the sale ends!

    @Twenty Somethings - Thanks for the comment Tanya...glad you like them too! x

    @Ugly Duckling - I wasn't gonna wait days for them to be re-delivered...I needed them in my life that second!lol.

    @Jeneille - Nope, men just6 don't get our obsession with shoes and bags...I'd be worried if they did!ha ha x

    @Rachel - Hubby has to be educated in the laws of shoes and bags!lol

    @Essjay23x - Thanks for the comment :) xxx

    @MrsNicolaT - You never know Nicola, they may turn up on Ebay at some point (not my ones Thanks for the comment x

  8. Love your new shoes! Seriously gorgeous:)

  9. Ha Ha - I always tell myself I am "saving" money when I go shopping - I just can't seem to explain my logic to my hubby

  10. Awww nice one Laura! Haha I love it when that happens, definitely destiny! Enjoy your new shoes lovely :)

    Love Aysh xoxo


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