Monday, 16 January 2012

YWE Wedding Show 2012

The reason behind my absence in the blogging world is because I had been preparing for a wedding show which was a two-day affair. We started building our stand on Friday at 2pm and by 6pm, it was almost finished apart from some finishing touches.  We had a 7:30am start on Saturday and after 9 hours of standing in high heels with no rest, lets just say my feet didn't thank me for that.  As promised, here are some pics...

No, we aren't starting a new trend...we had to wear hi-vis jackets for health and safety apparently! Doesn't look like mum is taking this very just can't get the staff nowadays!

Myself and my mum/business partner posing in front of our finished stand!

We went for a 'bringing the outdoors inside' kind of theme as the beautiful wallpaper has iridescent bare trees on it that caught the light in a really nice way.  We also had three big white trees so it created a 3D effect.

We used white muslin to hide the metal frame of the stand and then used voile fabric for side curtains with simple hydrangea tie backs.

I really liked the effect of the cream roses wound around the post, it gave the stand a more romantic feel.

We made our own chair sashes with some cream fabric we got from Ebay, some white chiffon rose trim and crystal trim.  We finished them off with an artificial cream rose.  It's funny because we put them together quickly on Saturday morning and that happened to be one of the things that got the most attention over the weekend! People kept asking where they could buy them!

Our centrepiece was a collaboration between ourselves and our florist.  We wanted something simple but dramatic and also something that was practical too.  A lot of wedding centrepieces are too big and you can't see the person across the table from you.  The florist used real orchids and rose petals to decorate the twigs.

The laser-cut stationery we used was from a company we often work with called Intricate Creations.  We loved the birdcage design and it fitted in well with our outdoors theme. 

I saw this idea in an interior design magazine and I loved it so much, I decided to recreate it for our stand.  We just used vintage style wine glasses from Laura Ashley and put artificial roses under them, with a small pillar candle on top.

We just bought a plain wooden rattan heart decoration, painted it white and then attached glitzy brooches to it.  It sparkled in the light and looked so pretty!

I just adore this stationery!

One of my very favourite parts of the stand was the small ombre cakes that sat on candlesticks which we got from Ebay...

The papery thin icing looked so delicate and our cake maker took the trouble to hand paint the edges with pink colouring.  I think they look so cute! They would be amazing for the top table at a wedding and could be given away as gifts to the mothers or even to children.

Our florist made up a gorgeously simple hand-tied bouquet with cream roses, orchids and some beaded wire.

The pretty little laser-cut favour boxes we had were filled with flower biscuits dusted with cute!

I had a fabulous weekend at the show and met so many lovely people...potential clients and fellow suppliers.  We ran out of all our brochures and have so many enquiries for consultations.  We have also been asked to do the window dressing for a bridal boutique for their revamped store.  So exciting!


  1. It looks amazing! So professional looking! You guys are destined for great things :)

  2. Oh my gosh, everything is so beautiful!!! It sounds like everything is going so well!! Good luck with everything :)

    Gem x

  3. Wow this looks stunning! What talented people you and your mum are! xx

  4. Everything looks so so beautiful. I adore the wine glasses with the Rose underneath... Stunning.
    And your mama is a stylish lady, great blouse!
    Well done hun x

  5. Such a beautiful display, well done to you and your mum for all your hard work! x

  6. LOVE IT! Love what you were wearing also..ugh I miss you two :(
    In particular I like the open jewellery box and the columns with the roses wrapped into the fabric. Lovely touches. Do you offer a groom finding service??

  7. Omg Laura! You and your mom did such a good job decorating!(You two look great btw) it makes me super excited to see the decor in your house! xoxo

  8. Looks amazing Laura, love the glasses overturned with roses inside, so copying that idea~!! xxx

  9. this is pretty much the theme i want at my wedding!! so excited! xx

  10. @Glitterish Allsorts - Aww thank you...we were so pleased with how it turned out! xx

    @Gem- Thanks so much :)

    @Computergirl - Thanks very much for the lovely compliment xxx

    @Ekaete - My mum has a lot of stuff that I would like to borrow actually!lol

    @Amy Antoinette - Thanks very much Amy, we were delighted with how it looked in the end :)

    @Tali - Missing you too! Wish we lived closer! I'm sure we could start a groom sourcing service just for you! ha ha

    @Alpha Blonde - Aww thanks...I can't wait to decorate the new house!!!

    @Holly - Thanks Holly, I am totally using that idea for our new house (when we get it!!)

  11. @Kerry - Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You must be so excited! xxx

  12. That's truly a gorgeous setup. I love it! x

  13. Wow that looks amazing! How many weddings have you guys organised? With creativity like that you must be in demand.

  14. Hey, your stand looks absolutely stunning. Makes me want to get married again! I'd really love to know which seller you got the candle stick from on ebay as I bake a lot and it would be fab to display a cupcake (unless you have stock that you can sell one to me?). Could you email and let me know please? Would really appreciate it.

    The trick with the up-turned wine glasses is beautiful too.

    Nicki xx

    (PS you and your Ma are v pretty... Hope you both did well from the fair.)

  15. Great stand - it looks fabulous, I only got married last year but would love to do it all again - there are so many gorgeous things out there xx


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