Friday, 10 February 2012

Review of Miss Flicklash

When I got married in 2010, I had the most fabulous make up artist from a company called EyeCandy Professional Make-Up owned by Lynne Mills.  I was so happy with their professionalism and service that I always kept them in mind, especially when I started my own business as a Wedding Planner.

Make Up Artist Lynne started a new enterprise called EyeCandy Couture with her sister, Lucy Ross, who is a product designer.

EyeCandy Couture is a boutique brand and their first product is called Miss Flicklash - a range of false eyelashes that has eyeliner flicks attached.  I just thought this was a GENIUS idea and would help a lot of girls out there who struggle with liquid/gel eye liners.  It would also negate the whole panda eyes look after a long night out.  How fabulous to just apply the whole thing at once and not have to worry about spending time getting the flicks exactly symmetrical!

Miss Flicklash lashes have already been featured in magazines such as Hello, Cosmoplitan, Look, More and    the Herald W Magazine.  Lynne Mills actually models the lashes herself in their promotional material pictured above.  I think you'll agree agree that she is a very beautiful lady in her own right! At Miss Flicklash HQ, they don't believe in using models, but real women.  That's why they have requested that any lovely ladies who have bought their lashes, strike a pose wearing them and send the pic to  they will be uploading their favourite ones to the Miss Flicklash website.

Miss Flicklash lashes come in three styles:


They also come in three colours:


So you can choose the right combination of style and colour to suit your preferences.  I personally don't like the long, heavy lashes on the market as they tend to drag my eyes down and look too harsh on my eyes.

So I decided to try the short style with the silver eye liner flick which looks like this: 

I like the shape of the false lash and the way it gets longer on the outer edges, this accentuates the shape of my eye and makes them more almond-shaped.  I love the packaging of these lashes, it's got a retro edge but it's fun and glam at the same time.  Each pack contains one pair of lashes and a small tube of lash glue.

This is how the short/silver lashes looked once applied:

So what did I think of them?

Well, I have a few initial tips to offer up first:

1) Be careful when removing these lashes from their plastic holder.  Don't try and pull them off in one go.   Instead, just ease them off gently with tweezers.

2) Remember to shape the lashes with your fingers by bending them gently to create a more rounded shape. this will make it a lot easier to apply them.

3) Also remember to measure the lash against your eye to make sure it's the right size.  I had to trim a tiny amount off the inner corner just to ensure it fit properly to my eye.

4) The eye liner flick has an adhesive strip so this will stick on it's own but I recommend applying a little lash glue to the lash just to ensure it holds all day/night.

I found these lashes really easy to apply and the fact the eye liner flick was already sticky made life a lot easier! I didn't have to faff around too much to get the desired effect and I was impressed by how good they looked.  I think the short or natural styles are best for my eye as they are light and comfortable to wear.  It's really down to your preference on false lashes as to which style will be right for you. 

They were really easy to remove and are sturdy enough to be re-used a few times too.  Some regular lashes are only good for a couple of uses but the sturdy eye liner flick on these ones makes them more durable overall.  Although they are more expensive than bog-standard false lashes, they do feature a unique aspect of having an eye liner flick attached and if you're in a rush or just can't do eye liner, then they could be a godsend!

Lynne has confirmed to me that the lashes will soon be available to buy on ASOS and will be priced at £9.99 each.  At the moment, they are available on the Miss Flicklash website with £3.00 UK Shipping.


  1. Oooh thats a great idea. I love the ones you tried, they would be awesome for a party. I'm quite good at getting my eyeliner straight but I cant get such a bold silver effect with anything I've tried!

    I'm heading to the site to check them out now!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    1. Yeah the silver and gold ones make great party looks! I was surprised at how easy they were to apply. I've mastered the whole eyeliner thing since I adore the look of it but I'm aware that some people struggle.

  2. I remember seeing that Illamasqua were considering doing these a couple of years ago but they never came out. I do remember seeing these released by someone else though, maybe YSL? I forget. I'm not sure it's something I'd try, I prefer to do my liner my way but if someone really struggles it may be a good idea x

    1. Ah were Illamasqua considering this too? I wasn't aware there was anything like this before...I know they did transfers but something exactly like this. I'm totally comfortable with doing my eyeliner flicks now after loads of practice over the years but this is something that's good for the times when you can't be bothered. Also, I don't own a gold or silver eyeliner that shows up as brightly as this does :) xx

    2. Yes, I got to know one of the counter staff quite well and she showed me some images, it was for what became the Art of Darkness collection. She probably wasn't supposed to show me, ha!

      It would be a good idea if you ever needed a quick change actually, no need to remove your eye make up and start again, just whip the liner off! x

  3. The eyelashes look so lovely for a night out/occasion. Great post hope you had a lovely time!

    1. They are really very glam so it's nice to wear something a bit different! Thanks for the comment x

  4. Oh wow, I'm surprised these work so well. The liner actually looks pretty much like you've done it yourself, especially since it gets thinner in the inner corner. I don't have issues with liner myself, but these are a fab idea. Love it.

    1. I thought it was a great idea for novices or for the times when your hand is shakey and you can't be bothered to be all neat and

  5. Hey Laura, you're right these are great for the time saving element & the gold & silver effects can be difficult to achieve with liner itself. Again you look fab in them, we'll need to get you in as a model!!!
    Andrea, this specific product hasn't been done before, we researched a lot beforehand & the Intellectual Property Rights for the design have been granted to us (we're also Patent Pending). I think perhaps you maybe be confusing it with the Transfer as Laura mentioned above, I know Chanel did a limited edition, or perhaps the Dior Velvet Eye, both very different (YSL don't do eyelashes).
    Anyway thanks for all your comments on Laura's fab post! Lynne - Miss Flicklash

  6. Wow, these are a fab idea! Will really be heading to the site as I'm one of those that is a bit clumsy with the ole liner, always in such a hurry!

  7. These are stunning. I'm a total cat eyeliner/false eyelash combo kind of girls o these are a dream for me!

  8. These look great on you! I wonder if they'll work on my small eyes :) Great review!

  9. These look really good. Do you know if any shops stock them or are they just online at the moment? Thanks

    1. We have just started selling these on our website, we love them


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