Tuesday, 13 March 2012

House Decor Update

It's only one week and three days until we move to our dream house and it's fair to say that the excitement is reaching fever pitch at this point!  We have a massive list of things to do, a schedule for the days leading up to the move, not to mention all the change of address stuff to sort out.  You never realise how many aspects of your life require your address until you move!  There's mobile phones, Sky, Tv licencing, electric, Inland Revenue, Voting register, banks, building society, insurance companies...the list goes on!

It's also fair to say that I am completely in my element when it comes to planning the decor for the new house.  How would I describe the style I'm going for? I would say it will be country living with a polished edge.  I have posted a couple of inspiration pics below to give you an idea of what I will be aiming for: 

I finally chose a dressing table this week and got it for a fantastic £167 in a sale.  I wanted a combined dressing table and mirror with adequate storage and this one fulfilled all of my requirements.  Given the style of the house, I felt that a wooden piece would fit best.  I have ordered some lovely decorative storage boxes to hold all my excess make up collection and nail polishes.

As a beauty addict, I spend every morning in front of the mirror applying my make up so I immediately knew I would require a comfortable chair for the dressing table.  I found the chair below on Ebay for just £98 in a delicate mink shade that will contrast beautifully against the neutral and duck egg blue decor.  I also found the cushion below on Ebay (originally Laura Ashley) and this will be used with the chair.

I love Chinese and Japanese style art so this canvas print really appealed to me.  This house will be all about nature and bringing the outdoors indoors, therefore a lot of the decor will feature foliage, birds and natural materials like wood and rattan.  This painting will  go in the living room/dining room downstairs. 

I spotted this clock in a shop around the corner from our current flat and I knew I wanted it straight away.  The neutral and cream colour combo will blend in beautifully with the wallpaper and furnishings I have picked for the living room which are a slightly more modern mixture of stripes and florals.

My husband, Chris, is a keen fisherman and will be able to fish from our back garden - a fact that pretty much sold the house to him on day one!  He saw this metal fish ornament in the same shop and liked it straight away but being a bloke, he didn't see the point in getting something that's "just decorative".  So, I pulled rank, went back the next day and got it for him.  I set it on the table so he would see it when he got home from work and the smile on his face was worth it.  It seemed like an apt ornament given that the house is on the river.

My mum presented this owl to me last week that is made from Aberdeen granite - that in itself makes it a bit more special.  He will live in the porch so he can watch everyone coming and going.

My mum also got us these ceramic LED-lit birds which I love! They will take pride of place in one of the deep window sills and will look so pretty illuminated at night time.

I bought clear glass jam jars with moulded scenes on the front, some natural-coloured grass, some clear crackle beads and some floating candles.  You just put the beads in the bottom of the jar, fill to the desired level with water and pop in the floating candle.  The natural grass can then be roughly tied around the lip of the jar.  I had seen these made up at a rustic country wedding and they look so pretty displayed in groups of three.  I think these would look great in a window or possibly on the fireplace.

I have been looking for wall mounted candle stands (or sconces as they are also known) for a while now.  I finally found this one that is perfect for the rustic feel of the house.  I plan on putting one on each side of the front door, where there will also be gorgeous heavy curtains framing the doorway.  They give a really cosy feeling at night time and the glass encasing makes them a lot safer than open candles.

I love wooden gothic arched mirrors and the one below is definitely on my list for the new house.  It would look amazing in the hallway as you come in.

Given that the decor will have a nature theme, this twig and bird hook seemed perfect for the back of the bathroom door.  I plan on painting the door white so the black cast iron will make for a lovely contrast.

I spotted this cute little bird soap dish on Ebay and decided it would make a great ring holder for my dressing table.

I was browsing Etsy and stumbled across this cute trio of ceramic bird ornaments and I really liked the inspiration message on them.

So that's an update on the decor so far.  We have bought a lot of furniture but I only have pictures of that on my phone which aren't of great quality.  I will be doing before and after pictures and keeping you all updated on the decorating process.  If you're anything like me, you love seeing interior design images!


  1. So many gorgeous things! I especially love the little owl, so cute! Good luck with the move x

  2. I love this country/rustic style, I think that even if I don't end up with a country home it would still be a bit rustic! So sweet of you to get your husband the fish, I have to do the same for mine otherwise he wouldn't own anything.. lol men. I can't wait to see it all in your new home!!! xoxo

  3. Ohh I love the LED birds!! I cant wait till me and my bf can move out together xxx


  4. I love everything you have here- especially the owl and jam jar candles. I might get a chair like that for my bedroom- it looks comfy! xx

  5. I love those little birds and the message ! very cute

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  7. Hey hun, I have awarded you the 'I love music and I love your blog' award.
    You can check it out on my blog... don't feel pressured to do it if you don't want to xx


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