Thursday, 8 March 2012

OOTD: Hot Pink & Zebra Print

I'm never one to shy away from vibrant colour so when this slim-line soft blazer presented itself on an impromptu online shopping splurge, it seemed the perfect opportunity to grab an essential wardrobe item.  The juicy colour pop of this blazer helps to add interest to pretty much any outfit.  I am personally a fan of more fluid shapes when it comes to blazers so the soft tailoring of this garment is perfection.

This is the first blazer I have owned featuring, the longer lapels with lower fastening but it actually helps to lengthen out my torso so it's a thumbs up from me!  It's not cheap at £70 but I wear blazers constantly, whether it's to smarten up an outfit for work or to add some interest to a dress for a night out.  A blazer will always be a smart investment for me.

I am not generally a fan of the monochrome zebra print look, however I spied this rainbow variation on the print on ASOS and it just spoke to me.  I love that it is made from a sheer fabric but that also means that you have to wear a black cami under it as I have here (that's unless you are comfortable with flashing your bra at everyone!).  It adds a fun, playful touch to the outfit and the variation of colours give you an opportunity to accessorise with orange, purple, aqua or pink.

I wanted to keep the shoes and bag toned down so they didn't compete with the main attractions which are the blazer and top.  One of the best fashion tips I ever picked up years ago is that you don't have to match your shoes with your bag, in fact, it's better if you don't.

Blazer: Oasis (link)
Jeans: ASOS (link)
Top: ASOS (link)
Shoes: Reiss
Necklace: ASOS (link)
Ring: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Ebay (link)

My next post will be an overview of some of the decorative bits and bobs I have bought recently for the new house.  Only 2 weeks and 1 day to go before the move!!! We will also be picking up our rescue dog, Declan, the day after the move so you can imagine how excited we are! Here are some pics I took of him when we visited him last weekend:

We are going to see him again this Saturday and will be taking him a new bed and blanket to sleep with until we pick him up on the 24th March.  We thought this would help him settle in to our new house because he'll have his scent on something.  I already feel like he's my little baby so no doubt he'll be spoilt rotten when we get him!


  1. I just recently got a hot pink blazer too. Ive yet to wear it but I'm thinking this weekend will be the time! You look great in yours!!

    Good luck with the move. Declan looks lovely, I bet he'll love living with you! :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Come say hey at!

  2. Love this, I really want a pink blazer but don't know if I would ever wear it out, this is such a gorgeous outfit though! :) xx

    1. I know I will wear it constantly...I love bright colours! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)

  3. this is gorgeous! i always love your style :)

  4. you look lovely i really need to snag a colored blazer for spring! Also congrats on adopting that shepard! She is gorgeous!!!

    1. It's such a wardrobe staple...I have loads! We can't wait until Declan is ours! It's actually a boy :) xx

  5. I need a good blazer, the colour of that one is lovely, I always pick blazers up in store but end up putting them back in favour of something else! Perhaps buying one online will eliminate that nasty habit!

    Declan is a very handsome boy indeed, bet you can't wait to bring him home! Xx

    1. You need to get some. Once you start wearing them you'll find it hard to stop! Declan is just a wee cutie...can't wait to mother him! ha ha

  6. oh my goodness, that dog Declan is the most beautiful creature!! you're going to love him so much- we've had our dog sophie for 10 years since being married and she was def our first "baby." and i do love your phrase "bits and bobs." might have to use that even though it doesn't sound very southern (i'm a georgia girl!).

  7. Gorgeous dog! :) new follower..


  8. the blazer it's so beautiful;the pink looks great on you.
    Love the rainbow zebra print;and Declan is a handsome dog. :)
    With my hubby/boyfriend adopt a rescue boxer dog to;Greg (Gregory because her rescuer found them in Ave. Gregory Luperón)
    We rescue to in new years eve a little cat and still we try to found a home for him
    and we also have two cats Mimo and Homer,and other two dogs chihuahua Riz and Lola.
    (sorry for the awful english)
    Saludos desde el Caribe... :)

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  10. I want this blazer it's so gorgeous! The colours look amazing on you, too! :) xx

  11. Really beautiful blazer.I like its color and it looks good on you.

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