Saturday, 14 April 2012

Where Have I Been?

Indeed I have been MIA for almost a month from my wee blog but as you know, there are a couple of very good reasons behind it.  After harping on for weeks on end about moving to our new housey in the country, the moving day has been and past.  The whole time between then and now we have been beavering away trying to get as much decorating done as possible before we entertain our first guests next weekend.  So what have we been up to?

Well, first off, we have been enjoying the views around our house which are stunning with a capital S...

There is a really special time at dusk when the sun is low in the sky and the river gets really sparkly.  It makes me feel so lucky to live somewhere like this and this may sound silly, but I feel totally at peace here.  It's like a piece of heaven being surrounded by nature like that.

We have already done a huge amount in the house which has resulted in:

a) Bedtime moving forward to 10pm and the alarm being set for 6:30am every day
b) Breaking so many nails that I (shock horror) had to cut them right down to nothing
c) Cramps in my hands from painting
d) My glam clothes/high heels being packed away and temporarily swapped for paint stained gear
e) Our vision for our house coming to life!

I will definitely be doing an in-depth before and after post for each main room in the house to let you in on all the decor and little details.  So for now, here are a couple of teasers...

And what of Decky? We have had him for just under 3 weeks now and he is settling in really well.  His confidence is growing and he is super smart so he learns very quickly.  He follows me everywhere at the moment, even waiting outside the toilet for me! ha ha.  He's like my shadow but I feel lucky that he trusts me so much and sees me as his mummy.  He is a lot of work and having a rescue dog requires a lot of patience and perseverance, but he is so worth it.

We were told by the dog rescue charity that he will be very insecure and clingy for a while until he realises that we aren't going to leave him (bless).  His two favourite places are the balcony in the sitting room which is where he watches the world go by...

Or in his bed snoozing and snuggling with his teddy bears...

Things have been mental busy trying to get the house sorted AND run the business at the same time.  However, I really will try to start posting more regularly soon and I am also planning a complete makeover for the blog which is very exciting!!!


  1. it looks great Laura, can't wait to see it all and your new blog!!! x x

  2. Wow I love the view from your house! It look so peaceful with the water and all the nature.
    Just amazing!


  3. Aww so glad everything is coming together for you. The house looks stunning and that picture of Decky and the teddybears- cute! xx

  4. ooh im so lucky i found your blog as soon as you come back! your house looks amazing, congratulations - ive really enjoyed reading through your blog - i can only hope mine can be anything like yours :) x

  5. Glad you're alright and the house is looking gorge x

  6. aww congratulations! it looks gorgeous! im moving house too in 2 weeks and its SO exciting :)


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