Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Collection

You probably already know that the summer 2012 Desert Twilight Collection from Bobbi Brown is due to be available from stores in July.  This collection combines soft, neutral tones with pops of brighter hues.  The sun-swept tones combine rose, plum and bronze shades to compliment a dusky tan.  Bobbi Brown is renowned for her natural take on make up and prefers the more toned-down approach, preferring to simply enhance a woman's natural beauty rather than a dramatic transformation.

The first item that caught my attention was the Eye Palette featuring a plethora of neutral and nude tones...something which you all know I am a fan of.  I know neutrals can seem boring but as I have said before, you can't go wrong with them.  All my favourite eye shadow palettes are predominantly neutral in tone and I use them on an every day basis! I personally love the contrast of warm tanned skin with cool toned taupe and dark brown.  It gives that dry, tawny, dusky desert look and this palette is designed to mimic the glowing tones that happen just before dusk.

The next piece in the collection that sparked interest in me was the limited edition Bronzer/Blush duo (pink peony and bahama brown).  The pink tone looks like perfection for my skin and the bronzing side looks like a great illuminating shade for glowy skin.  I need to swatch this in store to check how much shimmer they both have though and whether it's finely important aspect of cheek products!

The obligatory mini brush set is an eye-catching metallic and turquoise combo.  I love these little sets for my handbag...they always come in handy! The fact that this compact little arrangement is in a summery little shiny pouch makes it all the more appealing.

The lip glosses didn't excite me really because the shades are just a bit too dull and boring.  I would have preferred to have seen something to pep up the look a little bit.

Now this is more up my street! The Turquoise nail polish is vibrant and fresh and very summery! A perfect contrast to all the dusky shades in the collection.  I will definitely be checking this out!

I also love the look of the Twilight Shimmer polish which is a metallic shimmering plum shade...perfect for night time!

I can't say I'm that enamoured by the Long Wear Cream Shadow in Blue Moon...I don't think it would do much for me.  I always have to be careful with blue eye shadow given that I have blue eyes.  Browns and Bronze shades are far more effective at bringing out my eye colour.

The Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Twilight Night, a shimmering plum is lovely but since I own about 5 of these babies already, I don't feel like I need another one.  I own the Heather Shimmer one which is very similar to this shade.

So what are your thoughts on this collection? Anything that you will be picking up for yourself or will you give it all a miss?


  1. This collection looks stunning.. I love the palette and the bronzer and blush duo looks like something i neeed!

  2. I got the eyeshadow palette and the Twilight nail polish, they're both awesome :)


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