Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Coral Nails & Stila In The Light Palette

It all started with a penchant for peachy-coral blushes which quickly transitioned into an obsession with coral toned nail polishes.  My justification lies in the fact that coral just brings out a nice tone in my skin...ok I'll 'fess up...it makes my hands look tanned.  A shallow admission, but very satisfying all the same.  Given that my hands are the most tanned part of my body (there hasn't been much opportunity to sun the rest of my limbs lately), I have to take these small gratifying moments as they come.

Pictured without flash

I bought two such shades recently; CND Tropic Coral which I got from Ebay after my beautician used it on me for a night out and Rimmel Instyle Coral which was a complete impulse buy on a trip to ASDA!  The CND polish is by far my favourite of the two.  They are similar in colour although the Rimmel one is slightly paler and more creamy-looking.  The CND polish leans more towards an orange-coral and the truest colour representation is shown in the pic of my nails.  The polish dries slightly darker than it appears in the bottle.

Pictured with flash

The main difference between the two polishes is that the Rimmel one lasted only about a day before beginning to chip despite both being applied with a protective base coat and top coat.  Not even a fantastic top coat could save it!  That's very disappointing but given that it costs less than £2.50, you can't expect amazing results.  It also required 3 coats to get an even, streak-free finish.  In contrast, the CND polish lasts around 4-5 days on me without chipping and only requires two coats to achieve even coverage.  The Tropic Coral shade just makes me feel summery and I love how it looks against turquoise jewellery.

What are your favourite Coral nail polishes? Any recommendations for me?

Just as a quick side note, my favourite base coat at the moment is Mavala Protective Base and Orly Polishield is a godsend when it comes to making your nail polish last as long as possible.

Now for a neutral eye shadow palette review...can I hear audible groans? ha ha.  Yes I know neutral palettes are ten a penny and not the most dynamic of make up candy BUT I still get excited about these kinds of palettes and I will tell you why.  

I have surmised that the key reason why neutral palettes excite me is because there's a good chance that I will end up using the product every single day.  It will work it's way into my daily routine and become a no-brainer.  You reach for it without even having to worry about the shades clashing with what you plan on wearing that day.  Neutrals go with everything! That's why they are so popular.  Bright and gawdy shades will come and go with trends but neutrals are here to stay, they work on everybody and they bring a kind of polished elegance to your make up that just can't be emulated by anything else. 

The Stila 'In The Light' eye shadow palette features 10 neutral shades and one smudge stick in damsel (a matte brown retractable eye liner).  The case itself is made from cardboard and doesn't feature a mirror...a fact that has bothered many a beauty blogger.  However, I must admit that it doesn't rile me because I rarely re-apply eye shadow on the go.  I find that there's always a mirror around so to me, it's not a problem as such.

The ten shades offered up in the palette consist of:

Bare - matte ivory
Kitten - delicate pink-nude with gold reflects
Bliss - matte beige pink
Sunset - shimmery canyon pink
Sandstone - matte light cocoa
Bubbly - shimmery pale gold
Gilded Gold - golden brown with shimmer
Luster - dark aubergine-grey with gold shimmer
Night Sky - grey-blue with shimmer
Ebony - soft matte black

I do find in general that matte eye shadows tend to have less pigment but I think the reflective shades show up more because of the way they catch the light.  I am however happy with the level of pigmentation in these particular matte shades as I think they were added to the palette as a softer way of defining the eyes as opposed to a dramatic inky look.  I absolutely adore the Kitten, Sunset and Bubbly shades purely because they have that metallic quality that I love for summer make up.  Those golden hues against tanned skin are just so flattering.  I could also see myself mixing the cooler shades like Luster and Night Sky with the warmer hues.

I was impressed by the lack of fall out on the more shimmery shadows.  There's nothing worse than having a ton of glitter under your eyes by the end of the night!  With a good eye base like Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin or Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP, these shadows last all night without creasing or fading.

The downside of this palette?  The cardboard packaging wouldn't be my first choice as it can get a little tatty over time.  Also, the shimmery shadows are quite delicate and can break and shatter easily so no hoffing this around in your bag!  It's a simple trade-off with these kind of highly pigmented shimmery shadows though because their buttery consistency is exactly what produces the amazing finish.

The smudge stick in Damsel, a matte brown shade, has great pigmentation, is easy and smooth to apply and has can be smudged to create a softer look.  Because it's retractable, you never have to sharpen it which is very handy as I always lose my sharpeners!

I know the question that is playing on your mind though...how does it compare to Urban Decay's Naked palette? Well, in my opinion, this palette is more pink toned rather than beige/taupe like the UD palette.  Is it just another neutral palette? Well that depends on your standpoint.  There are a lot of neutral shades out there but...personally when I find the perfect combination of everyday shades in one palette, I know I will use it day after day.  This palette is staying firmly in my every day make up drawer thank you very much!

The palette is priced at £25.00.

Have you tried it? What were your thoughts?


  1. I really like the palette by Stila :)

    1. It's gorgeous and so many usable shades! x

  2. I think it is lovely. If I hadn't bought the Naked 1 Palette I would definitely picked this over it. But with my Naked palette and lots of Mac shadows I probably don't need any more.

    1. Yeah I tell myself that all the time...then I go and buy more.ha ha. x

  3. Love the look of the nail polishes, such a nice colour for summer x

    1. Yeah it makes me feel summery even if it IS raining outside! ha ha

  4. Gorgeous polish!! Love the new look of the blog, too. Very chic :)

    My fave coral polish is Deborah Lippmann Daytripper (amazon has it in stock)
    Lippmann's Party Girl from the Run the World collection is beautiful too!

    1. Thanks Anne, appreciate the nice feedback :)

      I must check those two out! Thanks for the recommendations xx


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