Sunday, 1 July 2012

DuWop Review & Update

I have only ever tried one DuWop product before and that was the Heavy Metal 18 Carat Eyeshadow Trio which is, quite frankly, out of this world.  The pigmentation of those shadows is just crazy.  So naturally, the quality of that product made me curious about what else the brand had to offer.

I am a big believer in primers.  I know they aren't every one's cup of tea but in the eternal search for flawless skin, they bring me that bit closer to achieving a pore-less, smooth finish and I'm all for that.  I always apply them after my moisturiser and before my foundation.  I find that they also make my make up stay in place and look fresher for longer.  So there's my justification for my every day primer habit.  Which are my favourites? Well you can't beat Loreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer, Jemma Kidd Pro Skin Rescue Bio Complex Veil and Benefit POREfessional.

"DuWop Doubleglow7 is a luminous face balm that gives instant radiance and clarity to the skin whether worn under, over, or instead of foundation.  Worn under makeup, DuWop Doubleglow7 Luminous Face Balm acts as a primer, creating the perfect canvas for flawless foundation application. When worn over makeup it gives the skin that "oomph" that you might get after a day at the spa or an extra three hours of sleep.  DuWop Doubleglow7 Luminous Face Balm contains seven essential skin nourishing ingredients: Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Lily Extract and Illuminating Pearls as well as Vitamins A, E and F. These seven secret weapons conspire to give you gorgeous, glowing skin.  DuWop Doubleglow7 Luminous Face Balm is paraben-free, sulfate-free, petro-chemical-free, free of synthetic fragrance, free of pthalates, contains no GMO's, no PPG's, no MEA's, DEA's, TEA's and is formaldehyde donor-free, and triclosan-free. DuWop Doubleglow7 is a luminous face balm that gives instant radiance and clarity to the skin whether worn under, over, or instead of foundation".

The DuWop balm is set into a glass jar and although this isn't my favourite type of packaging (cue digging your nails into product), this particular primer comes with a small plastic scoop/spoon.  The consistency is certainly balm like as it's solid initially but transforms into a silky balm once softened between your fingertips. I found that I only required a very small amount to apply all over my face.  Once applied, I wouldn't say it's obvious on the skin but it certainly perks up the old complexion.

I wouldn't use this OVER foundation as I feel like it doesn't have enough reflective properties to be useful as a cheekbone highlighter.  I would say that it's more suited to the times when you are going to be using a lighter coverage foundation as anything heavier will just mask the radiance this product gives your skin.  I wouldn't say it's as good as my current favourite primers and I also think it's overpriced at £21.00 for 11.8g. Given that there are a plethora of drugstore primers now, the higher priced ones really need to do something amazing to encourage is beauty junkies to part with more cash.  This balm is a champagne shade and there is also a deeper one but I think they could do with expanding the colour range a bit to suit more skin tones.  I would give this product a 6.5 out of 10.  

Now the blush product is a different story my friends.  I love the idea of an illuminating blush, especially since we are in the midst of summer (although you would never know it!).  The DuWop Blushbooster Illuminating Blush in Mango is exactly the kind of colour that brings my face alive.  That really fresh, bright peach is glorious with tanned skin and the pearlescent finish creates a glowy look without leaving glitter or making you look shiny.  This kind of blush requires a bit of minimal buffing into the skin just to ensure a nice light finish.

"DuWop Blushbooster Illuminating Blush provides a luminous burst of nourishing colour to awaken your cheeks. With gorgeous colour and shimmer, Blushbooster highlights and accents your favourite blush, giving you a natural, radiant glow.   Jojoba oils to prevent moisture loss, cooling cucumber extract to reduce puffiness and calm the skin, Pomegranate extract and Vitamins A and E for their nourishing antioxidant properties".

If you are a fan of Coralista then you will enjoy using this blush.  It's more of an orange peach than the pinky coral of Coralista but it has all the glow-enhancing properties at a cheaper price (this blush is £19.00 for 3.5g).  I do still think that this is overpriced for a brand that isn't as well known and also when the packaging could be improved.  The plastic compact doesn't make me swoon but it does the job I guess. I wore this blush last night with MAC By Candlelight MSF over the top.  That combo created really glowy cheekbones and looked lovely.

I will cover the lipstick in a separate post.

This weekend has been one of DIY, nature spotting at the Oldmill and a night out which has left me VERY unproductive today (I'm currently writing this post in my pyjamas which I have been sporting all day!).  I managed to test my photography skills when Chris found a toad in the back porch.  He was quietly snuggling up under some wooden flooring when Chris rudely disturbed him.  I grabbed my camera and was really happy that I managed to get a good shot of him (nature geek alert!).

Also, I managed to make a start on redecorating the bathroom.  I finished my feature wall on Saturday with some help from my mum and I have to say that the Laura Ashley wallpaper looks AMAZING in there.  There's something about the metallic silver/blue and the nature print against the crisp white bath suite.  Sorry for the bad quality of the pic...I took it on my phone.  It's just a teaser until I can get some proper decor posts up.  I spent like 4 hours on Pinterest yesterday obsessing over decor bits and pieces! ha ha.

The next few days will be filled with work, which is piling in at the moment, more DIY and helping my folks move house.  BUT I will do my best to squeeze in some blogging!


  1. I am addicted to DuWops Lip Venom, I didn't actually know they did a makeup line, but I will definitely have a look now! x

  2. My very first makeup product was DuWop's lip venom when I was about 13 or 14 I think, I got it in Aspen and felt so fancy! lol The bathroom looks gorgeous and I am a nature geek too..

  3. The blush do you think it could be a dupe for macs by candlelight? I've been looking for something similar as I loved that MSF

  4. I almost ordered some DuWop the other day, may go and purchase now! x x


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