Thursday, 12 July 2012

Giveaway Update!

Hello all you lovely people!

It's a wonderful rainy day here in Aberdeen but looking at these pretty glosses gives me a warmth inside.  Such is the shallow nature of the route to my happiness!

I will be back to my usual blogging after this weekend.   I must apologise but I have a very busy week so I only really have time to pop on and quickly let you know what I have added to my giveaway hamper!

These three Clarins Gloss Prodige Lip Glosses in Rose, Grenadine and Papaya have been added to the collection of goodies, which has been mounting by the day.

If you want to enter my competition, just cast your eyes over my previous post here.


  1. Everyday I get more excited about your giveaway. Its amazing. Its also a shallow route to mu happiness. lol. x

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  3. ohhhh my gosh. I love clarins lip color! so rich!

    hey, so I've been reading your blog forever (this is my first time posting a comment though... so far so good) and I just made a big switch to natural makeup, like organic makeup.

    I’ve started going to an esthetician at a medical spa by my house, and she’s given me GlyMed Plus® products. Have you heard of them? Can you review them maybe? I'd never heard of them before.


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