Thursday, 16 August 2012

Clarins Enchanted Eyes Colour Quartet & Liner

It's not often that purple eye shadow catches my eye but this image from the Clarins Enchanted Summer Collection really demonstrates how you can wear purple as an accent colour on your eyes.  By lining the lower lash-line with a purple hue, it can really add some more interest to a neutral eye...

Even by using a delicate lilac/purple with a nude lip can look so pretty like the following Rachel McAdams image:

The packaging and overall appearance of the eye shadow palette from the Clarins Enchanted Summer collection was inspired by India and specifically, the colours and motifs found on traditional saris.  The design on the outer packaging is gorgeous.  I was surprised that this palette was made from plastic as I expected the  same weighty luxe compact that I have become accustomed to with Clarins.  However, on the flipside,  the heavier compacts are not practical for travelling so this can be forgiven.

The eye shadow pans would turn the head of any beauty junkie with gorgeous bronze, brown, purple and ivory shades.  Each eye shadow pan features an intricate design which of course disappears after the first use.  The compact also comes with a mirror and two sponge applicators (one with an angled brush head for the liner)

I know...beautiful, right!?

But how do the shades swatch? Here's a run down of my thoughts on each shade (going from the bottom of the swatches up):

Warm gold with strong orange tones and a metallic sheen - This shade has really good pigmentation, it's smooth to apply and the colour is greatly intensified when applied damp.

Violet purple with blue-violet iridescence - This eye shadow needed a little extra building up because the colour was very slightly sheer.  It also looked more intense when applied damp.

Warm medium-dark bronze brown with orange and gold shimmer - This has to be the best shade out of all of them.  It's rich, well pigmented and really lasts with a good eye shadow base.

Pale sheer silvery ivory - This is a very shimmery eyeshadow and was the weakest shade out of the palette as the formula is sheer and the shimmer in it tends to migrate onto your cheeks which is a bug bear of mine!

Deep dark chocolate brown eyeliner with gold reflects - This liner is almost like a cream/gel eyeliner as it applies really well when you dampen the brush first.  It has great pigmentation and I love the way it shimmers subtely in the light.  it meshes so well with the other shades in the palette.

Overall this palette is beautiful, it's a real eye-catching item with lovely colours.  It's the type of palette that you just want to look at for ages and bask in it's beauty. 

However, I think if you are going to spend £30 on an eye shadow quartet with an eyeliner then it should be flawless. Every shade should be perfection.  I love the packaging and the appearance of the palette and I will definitely use the bronze and purple shades together with the brown eyeliner but I would have preferred to have a lovely iridescent ivory in the place of the silvery shade because, for me, fallout is just a no-no.

*This palette was sent to me for consideration*

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  1. I love the silvery shade but I do not like that orangey one :S


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