Sunday, 2 September 2012

Japonesque Safari Chic & An Update

If Bet Lynch was commissioned to come up with some custom make up brushes, then I'm pretty sure they would look something like this:

These are quite possibly the coolest make up brushes I have ever seen! The Japonesque Safari Brush Set priced at £28.00 consists of a powder brush, shadow brush and crease brush.  There is also a bronzer kabuki brush available for £19.50.  Both are available with free UK delivery at  The brushes are made from synthetic fibres making the collection animal-friendly.

The kabuki is super soft and plush making it perfect for applying bronzer or highlighters on the body.  The brush set is packaged up inside a monochrome microfibre case that flips over to protect the brushes - definitely handy to pop in your handbag.  I was almost too in love with the animal print bristles to tarnish them with product BUT the brushes are so lovely to use that it would be a crime to keep them just to look at!

These would make a great present for anyone who loves animal print!

I have to offer up my apologies for the lack of posts.  Whenever I feel like I might have time to start blogging more regularly, life seems to get in the way!  My business as a wedding coordinator is getting extremely busy now which is fantastic but it also means there's a lot less time for everything else!

I was also busy planning a big 30th party for my hubby at our house.  Being the biggest chocoholic I know, I knew the cake would have to be something special so I got my good friend, Maggie to make him an ombre sponge cake with caramel filling and chocolate butter frosting.  It tasted incredible!

Lots of people have been asking how Decky is getting on and if you weren't aware, he is an 18 month old rescue dog that we got from a charity in March.  He has been with us for 5 months now and it didn't take long for him to make himself at home at the Oldmill and in our hearts.  He is a ball of energy and one of the most mischievous dogs I have ever come across but you can't help but love him!  Who could resist this face?!....

Although he is mostly hyper active, a strange thing happens at 9pm every night without fail.  Like clockwork, he always works his way up on the sofa and swiftly falls asleep all curled up...

We both set down harsh rules about not letting him up on the sofa and as you can see, we have been steadfast in upholding this rule! ha ha.  How do they always manage to get around us????

We have all kinds of wildlife around us here at the Oldmill.  We had a rather unexpected house guest last week though.  I was sitting working at the computer at night and catch a glimpse from the corner of my eye of a moving object in the stairwell.  I assumed it must be a really big moth but after it swooped past my head, I realised it was something a lot bigger than an insect!...

This little dude must have got in through the open bathroom window and after a lot of manic dipping and diving, he crashed out on a bookend.  He seemed pretty exhausted and he stayed still long enough for me to take a snap of him.  We ended up covering him gently with a towel and releasing him back outside.  The funny thing is...we call Decky Batdog because of his massive ears and this little dude reminds me of him! ha ha.


  1. Those gorgy little makeup brushes are tdf!!

    A BAT? In the HOUSE?! Yikes! I would have a heart attack!!

    Decky is precious - love that face!! We used to call our pup Batdog too :)

    1. The brushes are so gorgeous...I actually paused a while before I used them! ha ha

  2. Matt thinks Decky is gorgeous (he loves shepherds of all kinds)... I LOVE bats, but I still would have been yelling like a maniac if one was in the house lol He is at least, a very cute species! p.s. those brushes look beyond soft & I am very happy to hear the business is flourishing!

    1. Yeah the bat was cute but I must admit when he was swooping at me I was very wary!!!


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