Saturday, 8 September 2012

Topshop Goodies

I had waited long enough.  I really HAD to place an order on the Topshop website to get my hands on items that I have been coveting for months now!  Over time I have been particularly really impressed with the lipsticks and nail polishes.  At such affordable prices it's hard not to just buy the whole line! 

After quite a while of studying online swatches and reviews, I decided to get Idol - a cool hot pink (a contradiction in terms!) and Whimsical - a creamy peach/coral.  I knew that Whimsical was a matte finish which can be notoriously difficult to apply and get the right finish but meh...

Ok, so maybe I should have listened to my instincts and previous encounters with lipsticks of the matte variety.  Whimsical is indeed a beautiful shade and looked like the perfect brightening every day peachy coral that I love so much.  However...yes there is a however...the formula is rather chalky in consistency so it takes quite a lot of faffing to get it looking presentable.  You have to make sure your lips are smoother than smooth so get exfoliating! Then you have to prime your lips with a moisturising lip balm so they are ready to receive the matte formula. 

Even after all that, I found myself patting it on, smacking my lips together, then patting on again and still didn't quite look right.  I am wearing Whimsical in the the pic above and as you can see, it just doesn't look completely even.  The only way to unify the formula to your lips is by applying a lip gloss over the top and that kinda defeats the purpose!

Swatches of Idol & Whimsical

Now...Idol is a whole different kettle of fish.  It has a velvet formula which seems to work well on me, as does this particular cool shade of pink.  Quick pencil of lipliner, quick dash of Idol and this is the result...

Fantastic coverage, brilliant pigmentation, a smooth formula and a colour to die for.  You can safely assume that I love this lipstick!

As you can see, I have now collected 4 of the shades available from Topshop and my favourites are definitely Ooh La La - a bright coral and now...Idol.

L-R: Ooh La La, Whimsical, Idol, Brighton Rock

Also, as I gazed at the pink loveliness, I realised that the colour reminded me of another of my much loved lippies...Daniel Sandler Micro Bubble Lipstick in Flamingo.  I am wearing it in two of my blog header pictures and often get emails asking about it.  Considering DS Flamingo is £13.25 and word on the grapevine is that it's a limited shade, I think Idol is a great dupe.  It's cheaper at £8.00 and far more accessible as a brand on the high street.

Here are the lippies side by side...

I would say that the Daniel Sandler lipstick is slightly richer and more pigmented but Idol is definitely a worthy adversary. The Daniel Sandler lipstick, being richer, also lasts a bit longer on the lips without fading. They photograph pretty much identically.

Here are swatches of both to compare...

If you are a fan of hot pink lipstick and like a bargain then Idol is certainly a product you should have in your makeup arsenal!

My order also included two nail polishes, Beam - a metallic pink and Suffuse - a rose gold.  I had been searching for a rose gold nail polish since forever.  Gold polishes always look too yellow or green on my skin tone so the warmth of rose gold is perfection.

I have been eyeing up this rose gold shade on the Topshop website for a long time now and as soon as I opened the parcel, it lived up to how I wanted it to look.

Once applied, it's rich and luscious and only takes two coats to get good coverage on the nails.  This shade is super metallic and reflective and catches the light when your hands move.  It's gorgeous!

Beam is a really pretty metallic cool pink and also has the same quality of finish as Suffuse.  Both shades have good staying power with a quality topcoat - my topcoat of choice being Orly Polishield.


  1. That is defo your kind of pink!!!! :) I also find the paler nudes tend to translate more chalky and uneven.. must be a pigment thing.

    1. Yeah the matte shades never look right on me and they are difficult to work with :(

  2. I agree with you about whimsical! I just reviewed it on my own blog :)xx

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about it :)

  3. I haven't tried any top shop makeup except their cream blushes which I really like.. Oh la la looks like my kinda shade.. will have to check it out.. Great swatches btw ;)

    1. Ooh La La is GORGEOUS...a lovely bright coral. Glad you found the swatches helpful...I always like to see the colours compared with each other so you can get a true reflection of their hue :)


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