Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Clarins Odyssey Collection

Don't judge a book by it's cover.  This is the moral mantra we all have to keep in the forefront of our minds.  However, the problem with this is that I am a sucker for gorgeous packaging! One brand that always delivers in the limited edition packaging stakes is Clarins.  Their festive collection, Odyssey, is based on the luxurious designs of ancient Greece and promises to transform you into a Greek Goddess by giving you a luminous complexion, coppery gold eyes and warm brown lips.

The Odyssey Foundation Palette is encased in a stunning compact with intricate detailing.  I must admit that I was somewhat confused by this product at first as it has a metallic gold design on the pan.  I was also confused by the 'foundation' title as it's more of a face powder than a foundation powder with coverage.  I am not one for all over shimmer on my face so the first few tries of this powder were strictly limited to my cheekbones until the gold particles dissipated.

However, once the gold design had disappeared, which naturally happens after a couple of applications, the powder itself is really high quality.  The powder is a soft peach/nude shade and has a silky soft texture that blends into the skin seamlessly.  It's incredibly lightweight and doesn't leave any kind of chalky, powdery residue on the skin.

Here's a quick overview of how Clarins describe the product:

"A special edition Christmas case to whisk you away to the elegant and sumptuous world of Ancient Greece. This golden case houses a silky, fine and lightweight compact powder, to enhance and even out all types of complexions. Decorated with a medallion with engraved edges and scrolls scattered with gold-coloured mother-of-pearl, it lights up the face and neck with a shimmering effect that's perfect for the festive season".

""Light Optimizing +" complex: instantly captures, amplifies and diffuses the light. Fine lines and small imperfections are visibly reduced. The complexion is even and radiant.
Micropatch® Végétal: maintains the skin's hydration, comfort and softness.
White tea extract: anti-pollution protection".

Although the powder has been designed to suit all skin tones, I personally don't think that is possible for one powder to do this.  I would say it's better suited to light to light/medium skin tones.  The powder contains light-reflecting particles which create a luminous effect to your complexion.  Overall, I really liked this powder and although the gold design on the pan is beautiful, it perhaps isn't that practical as an addition to face powder.

The Odyssey Eye Quartet Mineral Palette also has beautiful packaging and things just get better when you open the palette up!  The eye shadow shades are truly versatile and would suit pretty much everyone! The cool-toned beiges and browns are coupled with a super-intense copper-gold shade.

Here's how Clarins describe the palette:

"A collection of wet and dry formula eye shadow quartets, each containing four toning shades of satin and iridescent long lasting, super silky and blendable eye colour. Presented in Clarins' signature pale gold compact with mirror and two quality foam tipped applicators; one for defining the eye and one for shading and blending.  An anti-pollution active ingredient preserves the fragile skin of the eyelids. It also protects them from harmful free radicals".

The copper gold shade really excited me when I first saw it.  I am a metallic magpie and love all things reflective, especially for the festive period!  The fact that these eye shadows can be used wet or dry just puts the icing on the cake.  They are gorgeously silky smooth, with great pigmentation and lasting power.

I cannot explain to you how beautiful the coppery gold shade is.  The pigmentation is just crazy and it's so reflective that it looks stunning on the lids.  The texture of that particular eye shadow is almost creamy and because of that, it's best applied with your fingers to get a really intense effect.  I was so impressed by it and will be doing a FOTD post to demonstrate just how lovely it looks!

This is how all the shades look when applied dry:

All the shades are intensified when applied wet.

The coppery gold shade is incredible applied wet and the fallout is next to nothing which to me, is VERY important when dealing with sparkly/metallic shades.  This palette makes for a great daytime look when you just use the cool-toned browns and can instantly update your look to something more dramatic and glamorous when you add the metallic shade.

You could definitely mimic this season's gold smokey eye as seen on the catwalks of Gucci A/W 2012.

The full collection includes:

Odyssey Face Palatte SPF 15, Blush Prodige – 02 Soft Peach

Eye Quartet Mineral Palatte – 09 Odyssey
Instant Definition Mascara – 01 Intense Black

Gloss Prodige – 01 Chocolate

For more information see www.clarins.com or visit a Clarins counter near you!


  1. Prettiest packaging ever! Beautiful wearable colour too x

    1. The packaging is just beautiful and so detailed!

  2. That foundation palette is one of the most beautiful make up items i have ever seen!!

    1. It truly is gorgeous...even when the gold has disappeared from the powder

  3. I adore the eye quartet, one of my favourites right now xo

    1. It creates such a a gorgeous subtle coppery smokey eye...love it!! x

  4. So basically i need that eye shadow or i will die. LOL hahah enabler you!!!!!

    1. You're normally my enabler so this time the roles have switched :P

  5. That eyeshadow palette is really impressive! I've never been big on their e/s but this may be the item to change that!

    1. Yeah I have never been a fan of their eyeshadows per se but this palette is just gorgeous :)

  6. Oh good Lord. I NEED that eyeshadow palette. I might have to take out a loan to afford it though. No fair! :(

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  7. I've never really looked in to Clarins for eyeshadow but the shades in this palette look right up my street, look forward to the face of day. :)

  8. I need this in my life!! great post and the photos of yourself at the top are stunning!


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