Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Current Skincare

I have been receiving a lot of emails enquiring about my current skin care regime so I thought I would do a post covering the products that have made a noticeable difference in my skin over the past 3 weeks or so. I always change up my skin care every couple of months to ensure my skin doesn't become 'immune' to the effects of the products I'm using. It's no secret that I love Origins skincare (especially their anti-blemish products) however they're not cheap and I had been on the look out for a more affordable option without sacrificing any of the benefits.

Enter the Oxy Seaweed Power range:

"Spot-prone skin needs an effective, yet caring approach. That’s why the dermatologists at OXY have undertaken ground-breaking research into the healing power of nature and come up with their Natural Skin Science Range of anti-spot, skin-cleansing products. Our anti-spot range contains naturally active seaweed, purified in the cold waters of the Atlantic and harvested from sustainable sources. Seaweed is full of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and rich in antioxidant properties.  This skin-friendly seaweed concentrate is at the heart of OXY’s unique formulations. It has been rigorously researched and is scientifically proven to kill spot-causing bacteria, redness and excess oil production, whilst being gentle on skin".

This skincare range blew me away.  I don't often make such elaborate statements about a whole range of products but these have really made a massive difference to my skin.  I went through a phase where my skin was reacting to the volatile changes in the weather and I developed small spots around my mouth that just wouldn't go away.  They were causing a lot of redness, inflammation and seemed to be spreading by the day.  I really like the whole Oxy Seaweed Power range but there were a couple of products which really stood out for me as must-haves:

Oxy Seaweed Power Clear Pore Exfoliant (£5.99) - I started using this and within a couple of days I noticed a vast improvement in the appearance and texture of my skin.  Within a week the spots had gone completely and with consistent use every night, my skin is more even in tone, smoother and completely spot-free.  I cannot stress enough how brilliant this exfoliator is.  The granules are gritty enough to give your face a good sloughing without feeling like they are irritating or scratching you.  It is suitable for sensitive skin and contains absolutely no alcohol, parabens or SLS.  My skin feels gorgeously fresh, revived and smooth after using this product and I have already bought a back up for when this tube is finished!

Oxy Seaweed Power Deep Calm Balm (£5.99) - This oil-free light moisturiser is THE perfect daily moisturiser for my skin.  I generally have sensitive skin that's prone to some dry patches so oil-free moisturisers sometimes don't cut the mustard.  However this one keeps my skin hydrated, whilst eliminating shine and creates a perfect base for make-up.  It's the perfect moisturiser for when you have blemishes because it's light in texture and won't clog up your pores.  It actually works with the exfoliant to clear spots so it's a powerful combo that doesn't contain harsh chemicals or alcohol.  Love it!

The Emergency Spot Treatment Gel in the range reminds me very much of the Origins Spot Remover gel and is a fantastic dupe.  I am also trying out the Clearlight device at the moment and will be featuring that in an upcoming post!  If you are having trouble with your skin at the moment then definitely try out this range.  Having clear skin gives me so much more confidence and make-up looks so much better on my skin when it's fresh, radiant and spot-free.

The other products I have been using for the last month are higher end and obviously for that reason, more expensive.  I'm not a skincare snob and I normally use a mixture of drugstore AND higher end products.

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator (£47 for 30ml) - I really wish I didn't like this product because it's rather expensive but I can't deny that it makes my skin feel lusciously smooth and perks up my complexion every morning.  I apply it before my Oxy moisturiser and it gives that bit of radiance I need under my foundation.  The Oxy products have given my skin an incredibly smooth texture and this product just further smooths and perfects it.

"This intensive, yet gentle oil-free serum features powerful technologies to address the look of every key sign of uneven skintone: Triple-Optic Technology provides skin with a brighter, more luminous look from the very first application. CorrectTone Technology reduces the appearance of uneven skintone Made with anti-oxidants.Imagine skin so incredibly clear, even-toned and radiant, you have nothing to hide. Proven gentle and effective for all ethnicities".

MyChelle Perfect C Serum (£38.50 for 15ml) - This serum is nothing short of amazing.  I don't think my skin has ever looked so glowy, radiant and healthy.

"Advanced formula to protect skin’s health while combating the signs of aging. A potent 17% dose of clinically proven L-Ascorbic Acid helps to strengthen collagen and improve skin texture. L-Ergothioneine boosts cellular energy and helps interrupt the stress reaction that destroys elastin. Buddleja Plant Stem Cell protects against photo-damage and oxidative stress through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity".

It contains:

1) 17% Ascorbic Acid (L) - Antioxidant, strengthens collagen, assists in brightening, provides anti-wrinkle effects / smoothes skin texture, heals wounds, prevents scarring.

2) Buddleja Davidii Stems G™ - Protects the skin from UV-induced stress, inhibits inflammation and it has a high antioxidant activity level.

3) Astaxanthin (BioAstin™) - Protects collage and  provides intensive antioxidant actions.

4) Ergothioneine (L) (Amino Acid) - Natural antioxidant and amino acid, prevents damage caused by UV radiation.

I use this serum every single night and I noticed the glow-enhancing results after a couple of days - I have had a lot of compliments on my skin recently from people I know.  I can be quite cynical about serums but this one has far surpassed any other vitamin C-based formula I have tried! Perfect if you want to get the glow back into your skin!

Elemis has always been one of my favourite skincare brands - their Pro Collagen Marine Cream being one of my all-time favourites (when I can afford it!).  I have been using the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream over the past couple of weeks and it's simply gorgeous.  It's super hydrating formula has saved my skin from the really cold weather.

"Clinically proven to help increase oxygen levels in the skin, this night cream has been specifically formulated to help with your skin's natural regeneration process. Developed with the revolutionary Padina Pavonica, an Anti-Ageing hexapeptide, Laminaria Digitata and Red Coral, the signs of pre-mature ageing are delayed, whilst the skin's natural collagen network is supported, promoting skin elasticity and hydration."

I don't know many people who have £95 to spend on a 50ml jar of moisturiser SO my tip is to look out for the Elemis value kits where you get either a 15ml tube or 30ml tub of the moisturiser with other products.  Even the 15ml will last over two weeks of daily application.  This gives you an opportunity to try the product without paying a big price tag for a full pot. That way you can use the product to boost your skin when it REALLY needs it.

I know that not everyone has the kind of cash to splash out on expensive products but you can't argue with what works.

What are your favourite skincare products at the moment?


  1. Great post Hun and glad to hear your regime is working for you. I haven't heard of the MyChelle serum before but it sounds great.
    I'm also a fan of Elemis. I haven't tried the oxygenating night cream but I have got a couple of pots of PCMC which I got from QVC (best way to buy Elemis).

    1. The MyChelle serum is amazing! Elemis PCMC is incredible but it's not often that I can afford to spend that much on a day cream!

  2. When I first used Idealist, I was overwhelmed. It was the one of the first products I ever used that seemed to do something. I really, really want to try the Elemis now. I'm sure the Pro-Marine has come up on that personalised prescription list they give you after a facial maybe next time, I'll give in and purchase xx I've also heard QVC is fab for Elemis deals.

    1. Idealist makes a huge difference to your skin when you wear it every day. Definitely try Pro Collagen Marine's amazing and leaves your skin feeling so silky. Check out QVC for good deals :) x

  3. I've been waiting (impatiently) for this post! LOL I'm gonna buy those Oxy Products once I've used up my current lot. I have to say, Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator DOES work, it helped restore my forehead to its former clear glory after my allergic reaction and I continued to use it for months afterwards until it managed to unscrew itself last time I went to NY and 'exploded' during the flight!! Argh!! I really want to try it again, but as you say the price maaaaaaan!!! It's def top of my duty free purchase list.

    1. ha ha - the Oxy products are such great value for money and are a good affordable alternative to the Origins anti-blemish products. Disaster about the Idealist exploding...I may have cried if that happened to me. ha ha. x

  4. No wonder your skin looks so perfect! Please check out my blogsale for MAC, YSL and essie bargains including some LE items :-) x

  5. I too have been loving the Oxy Seaweed range, so imagine my delight when I discovered Tesco are doing the range for around £1.50 an item instead of closer to £6! I have major stocked up =) x


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