Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush

When I think of cream blush products, I tend to associate them with the higher end brands.  The formula is paramount and more often than not, the cheaper versions seem to fall short.  In my eyes, a cream blush must have:

1) A silky, lightweight consistency
2) No sticky finish on the skin
3) Sheer pigmentation to avoid looking like a clown

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush is described as providing a 

"buildable, beautiful flush of colour
Lightweight formula with silky soft feel on skin
Blends evenly over cheeks for smooth application
Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to provide cheeks with a beautiful glow".

The two shades featured in this post are Coral Reef - a bright red-based coral and Pinched - a light milky peach.  The packaging is simple, practical and allows for application with your fingertips or with a brush.  The packaging, size of the pan and look of the cream blushes actually reminds me a lot of the Bobbi Brown Rouge Pots and Mac Lip and Cheek Creams.

Coral Reef is definitely more of a summer shade choice for me and I would say that it's more suited to medium to dark skin tones due to the pigment.  It looks rather scary in the pot but once applied, the colour is pretty sheer. Pinched on the other hand is a very subtle shade which is more suitable for fair to fair/medium skin tones.  It gives just the slightest hint of colour on my cheeks.

I really liked the consistency of these cream blushes because they are lightweight, silky and easy to blend into the skin without leaving any streaks or blotchy patches.  I'm not one for piling on blush so I felt that one application was enough for me.  However the product can be layered if you prefer the stronger appearance of blush.  The finish could be described as semi-matte and it gives the skin a freshness that looks more youthful than powder blush.

Top: Pinched, Bottom: Coral Reef

I tried applying the product with both my fingers and also with a make up brush designed specifically for cream formulations.  I definitely prefer the fingertip method as you can blend into the back of your hand before applying it to your cheeks which gives you that little bit more control over the colour intensity.  It's easier to apply more to get the finish you want rather than trying to undo a mistake.

Left to Right: Pinched, Coral Reef

Apologies that the photo on the right isn't focused as well as it could be.  My camera decided it didn't want to play ball that day!

I think these Cream Blushes are good value for money and a great dupe for Bobbi Brown Rouge Pots.  Although, I think they really need to provide a larger, more comprehensive colour range to suit a larger variety of skin tones.  At £7.99, I still think they are a great quality product and have a formula that would rival most higher end cream blushes.  Coral Reef would make for a great summer product when your skin is all tanned!


  1. I was tempted to pick one of these up last week but didn't. Now i wish i had ... they do look really lovely x

    1. The formula is really nice to work with and I could see Pinched - the pale peach being a great shade for really fair skinned girls :) x

  2. i love these! I was unsure at first just because they are so sheer - but 'Pinched' became my most used blush of summer :) Great review - i agree though, they need more shades xxx

  3. I wish we could get these blushes here. Unfortunately Revlon pulled out of Germany quite a few years ago. Maybe I'll get it on one of my next trips abroad. xx

    1. If you have an ebay account, you might be able to get them on there. Could be worth a look :) x


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