Tuesday, 20 November 2012

DIY Christmas Decor

This will be our first Christmas in our new house so naturally we decided to make it really special in terms of decor and food.  The whole family will be coming over and I have been tasked with cooking Christmas dinner which I'm just slightly nervous about!  I think Christmas may actually be my favourite time of year...I'm praying for snow on Christmas Day!

After sifting through many MANY images on Pinterest, I felt inspired to make some of my own decorations this year.  Given that this is an old house, I want to go for a rustic country Christmas vibe.  I set about collecting various haberdashery bits and pieces, florist supplies and such from Ebay.  I also paid a visit to a local florist wholesaler.  My first little project was to make some rustic Christmas hearts:

I plan on hanging these hearts from door knobs in the house to add a touch of interest around the house.

I also wanted to make some cute felt decorations and started with this owl for my Christmas tree:

I will be making some more of these felt decorations for the tree but first I need to find a spare afternoon which is proving to be very difficult at the moment!

Here are some others I plan on trying out.

I bought a plain mini Christmas tree from Ebay for just £2.00 and decided to pimp it (yes I just said that) with some embellishments:

Using some wired red and gold berries, gold metallic ribbon and shabby chic fabric ribbon I worked my magic on it:

There a place for this little tree on my window sill.

I had a spare shabby chic photo frame lying around and decided to incorporate it into a window display (yes, there will be window displays!).  I gathered up some Christmas-themed fabric cuttings, arranged them in a frame, printed out a cheery Christmas message and voila!

I picked up a wooden trough from the florist wholesaler, shaped and popped some oasis rounds into each section:

I bought loads of Christmas-themed floristry supplies from Ebay including dried oranges, evergreen stalks, mini pine cones, cinnamon sticks, artifical red and gold berry sprays, nuts and dried flowers:

With a lot of arranging and faffing, I created this rustic Christmas candle display which smells gorgeous!

Have you been thinking about making some of your own decorations this year?

Pinterest is brimming with absolutely gorgeous ideas for decorating your house! Here are some of my favourites:

For more inspiration, check out my Christmas Decor Pinterest Board!


  1. You've done such an amazing job, I especially love the hearts and the candle display you've done- very inspiring! I love christmas too, I have been baking spiced cookies and am planning on making peppermint creams this week to get me in the mood!x

  2. AAHHHH I LOVE Christmas!! So exciting! I've been doing a bit of Christmas crafting myself but yet to really get going. Only because the mr makes me wait until after my birthday (tomorrow) to start the Christmas decorating and festivities! :( Boooo!

    Straight off to Pinterest for me now though to check out your board. I like the things you did, the frame idea is so simple but so cute too!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

  3. Those are gorgeous decorations! I don't celebrate Christmas, but I adore the decorations each year. Great job! x

  4. Your so creative Laura, everything looks amazing x x

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  6. Thanks for the ideas. I can start from here.

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