Sunday, 11 November 2012


Our new kittens!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you will have undoubtedly seen me whittering on about getting two little kittens on Saturday morning.  I have been incredibly excited about it for the last couple of weeks and the time finally arrived for us to go and pick them up from the farm.

So, I am proud to introduce Séamus (Shammy for short)... 

And this is Minnie...

Séamus is a little butterball but his chubbiness just makes him even more adorable.  He loves his food and I have already seen him bury his face in it, which often results in him having to be washed! He is a bit of a daredevil and runs after you wherever you go.

Minnie is a little bit more shy than Séamus but I think she is definitely the smarter of the two.  She just loves to be on your lap being cuddled.  Being so small she gets tired very easily and always seems to end up falling asleep way before Séamus, who is generally still exploring.

We are very lucky that they have always been handled by people from a young age so they are definitely happiest when they are being stroked, played with or snuggled into your jumper.  They were also around dogs a lot at the farm so they aren't particularly phased by Decky.  The kittens are ridiculously cute and I have found myself being very distracted by them. How am I supposed to get any work done when those little cuties are here???

We are keeping them in the spare room to start with so they always have a safe place to go whilst we introduce them to Decky in stages.  Being so small, we have to be very careful when they are around Decly as one playful swipe from him could end in disaster.  For now, he gets to see them in their carry box and once they are bigger and more used to eachother, we can progress with more contact. We have to alternate having Decky upstairs and the kittens downstairs.  Then Decky gets to come downstairs while they are napping in their 'safe room'.

Decky did huff a little bit on the first day we got them but now he is just fascinated and I have caught him with his ear up against the door where they are being kept.  He is just fascinated by them! We have had to make sure that we give Decky lots of affection and make sure he doesn't feel left out!

Has anyone got any advice for introducing kittens to a dog? It would be great to hear of anyone else's experience.


  1. Oh they are so gorgeous! I'm so jealous, I love having kittens in the house. They will bring you so much joy, there's nothing quite like a purring cat on your lap to whisk your troubles away. x

  2. they are gorgeous! just to want to cuddle them! xo

  3. awww i had to show my mum this - we are massive cat lovers :) what cute names youve given them too :) my sunday night dose of cuteness is complete :) haha xx

  4. So, so, so cute! They're gorgeous! Shame I'm allergic to cats :(


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