Tuesday, 6 November 2012


This is the first time since Thursday that I have felt some semblance of being human.  I have had an awful cold - the kind that makes you just want to sleep all day.  The kind that makes everything a huge effort and robs you of any energy you have.  I think I am just starting to kick it though so naturally I am back to blogging as usual.  The upside of being stuck in the house is that I still had beautiful autumnal views to admire which always brightens my day...

You gotta love all those warm gold and amber shades!

I also had my trusty companion to keep me company while I was snot-ridden, although I think the only reason he stuck with me is because he now has a new fur-lined bed that generally lives in front of the cosy wood-burner! Decky is definitely spoilt rotten.

He recently had a makeover and is now sporting a new, more intellectual look...

I was overjoyed on Friday when I was told that I am Benefit's Blogger Of The Month! I am genuinely a big fan of their products and have been for years now so it was a lovely surprise.

Oh and I also have to tell you guys that we decided to get two kittens to add to our little family.  We have the space now and figured they would love the country surroundings. So we took a trip to a local farm on Friday and picked out our two little babies.  We are getting the ginger guy with blue eyes and the grey/white tabby.  The brainstorming for names has already begun and I will post some proper photographs when we get them (in the next 10 days).

I took these pictures on my mobile so they aren't the greatest quality but I just had to show you how ridiculously cute they are! We are going to introduce the kittens slowly to Decky and hopefully they will end up the best of friends.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am BEYOND excited about Christmas this year because it's our first Christmas in our new house and the whole family is coming over.  I wanted to start buying the decorations early so that I didn't have to go on a mad rush mid-December.  So over the last 2-3 weeks I have been buying bits and bobs. These odd bits and bobs have somehow lead to this pile of stuff in the spare room...

And I'm still not finished! ha ha.  

I have bought loads of lovely little haberdashery things like felt, ribbon, trinkets and buttons to make my own Christmas tree decorations.  I have found lots of inspiration on Pinterest and plan on following the tutorials for all of these cute felt decorations:

There's something so lovely about doing some DIY decorations and is it sad to admit that I get immense satisfaction from making them? Sad but true! 

What about you guys? Have you got any grand Christmas decorating plans? Do you ever make your own decorations?

Oh and do you have any advice about kittens?


  1. Loving all of the decorations! Your house is going to look amazing when it's all festive, can't wait to see x x

  2. hope your feeling better love! Gorgeous pics!

  3. Those felt owls are so cute! Decy will love the decorations! And Im sure the kittens will fit in fine- they look so tiny! Feel better soon xx

  4. Awww, your new place looks amazing! Bring on Christmas...

  5. Those are the cutest kitty's!!! Gorgeous!

    The decs on Pinterest look amazing - you've inspired me!!


  6. You have an awesome view from your house!

  7. Hope you feel better! Love the kittens - SO ADORABLE!!


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