Monday, 10 December 2012

A Cheaper Clarisonic Dupe?

As I mentioned in this post, my Clarisonic Mia is an integral part of my skin care regime and really does help to create a smooth, radiant canvas for my foundation.  Judging by the feedback I receive, a lot of you are still in two minds about buying a Clarisonic.  I can completely understand the reasoning behind this because £120 is a considerable amount of money to shell out on a product which you cannot be certain will be right for your skin.  If this has been your dilemma of late, then I may have just discovered the perfect solution in order for you to try out a quality cleansing brush at a much more affordable price!

I was recently sent the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush for consideration and as soon as I saw the price tag of £25, I immediately knew that this could be the perfect experimental tool for everyone to sample the delights of a cleansing brush without having to shell out loads of money.   Also, No7 is very accessible for the majority of us given that there's a Boots store in every town/city.

In my opinion, a cleansing brush improves your skincare routine and gives a much needed boost to your skin in the winter months.  For me, it helps niggly banish dry patches, uneven skin tone and makes my skin glow.  I think we all feel like our skin becomes a bit dull in winter and the cleansing brush is the perfect tool to help your skin care products penetrate deeper and maximises their overall effect.

The No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush takes just 60 seconds and leaves your skin skin feeling REALLY clean.  I don't know anyone who wouldn't take an extra 60 seconds in the bathroom to dramatically improve their skin! As with a Clarisonic, the rotating brush gently exfoliates and deep cleanses the skin. It has 2 speed settings; you can use a slower speed for more sensitive skin or as a daily cleanse and the faster speed for a deep clean.

*Comparison with my Clarisonic Mia*

Some people simply remove their eye make up and apply cleanser to use the brush.  However, I prefer to wash my face with Dove soap, THEN apply cleanser and use the cleansing brush.  I prefer to do it this way because:

a) The brush seems to work more at exfoliating my skin than just removing a load of make up
b) The brush is easier to clean afterwards
c) I find I get far less blemishes when I'm not working make up into my skin

I use the cleansing brush every second night because, having sensitive skin, I find it reacts better to having a rest in between exfoliating sessions.  I just wet the rotating head and select the lower speed. (Speed 1 – Press the button once. Speed 2 – Press the button twice).

Now here's where the differences from the Clarisonic come in.   

1) This cleansing brush is powered by batteries and therefore cannot be recharged like the Clarisonic. The only way you could make it slightly more economical is to buy AA rechargeable batteries.  You get two AA batteries in the pack with the No7 cleansing brush.

2) The No7 cleansing brush does not come with a plastic cap for the brush head.

*Comparison with my Clarisonic Mia*

I found the brush head bristles just as soft as the Clarisonic so don't worry about them being too abrasive.  Obviously cleansing brushes are not designed to be used on irritated skin or open wounds such as acne.

The brush head on the No7 cleansing brush is also removable and there will soon be replacement brush heads available in store priced at £8 for a two pack.

In conclusion, I think this is a fantastic cost effective way of trialling a good quality cleansing brush.  It's easy to get hold of, works really well at improving your skin and is easy to clean and take care of. 

The No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush will be available from the 23 January 2012 from Boots stores nationwide and


  1. I was getting really excited about this to get my skin into glowing condition for Christmas and then saw the availability date!! Boo, boo, boo. I am not the most patient of people ;)

    1. Only £15.00 in Boots atm - purchased mine today! x

  2. ha ha - aww I'm sorry. I know it would have been perfect. HOWEVER....ta-dah!...I have an extra one which I'm giving away in my '12 Days of Christmas' Giveaway. It starts on Wed!!! x

  3. Ditto Anna! I was getting all excited, will deffo be entering your comp and purchasing one of these :) xx

  4. Gutted! I wish I had seen this before ordering the sigma one..

  5. this looks really good and definitely worth trying at that price point - i have yet to invest in a clarisonic so i will try this in the meantime :)
    Anna x

  6. I entered the giveaway but it is charged by batteries so this product is going to be no no for me.though I love the review.

  7. Is this really cost effective though? Surely you'd have to replace the brush every couple of months seeing as you can't just remove the head... So I'm assuming there's no replacement heads available :s

  8. If you do read it you can buy replacement heads as they are removable??

  9. If you do read it you can buy replacement heads as they are removable??

  10. @3wildxx: I bought brush replacement which is compatible for my MIA 2 clarisonic.

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