Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Forgotten Favourites

Occasionally I get so caught up with trying new products that I forget about the ones that have always been favourites for me.  I have permanent fixtures such as my foundation and concealer but I like to ensure that I alternate my other everyday products like blush, highlighter, eye shadow and lipsticks.  This makes the most of my make up collection but sometimes I get to experience the joy of rediscovering some gems.  It's akin to rediscovering a great song - everyone loves that feeling!

I had completely forgotten about this lipstick and I actually felt a bit guilty when I fished it out of my lipstick storage drawer (yes, there's a whole drawer!).  It was happily nestled in between all of my other YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks, most of which are either nude/pink shades or bright reds.

I have always been a big fan of these lipsticks because they are undoubtedly the epitome of luxe.  From the weighty gold plated packaging to the silky, heavily pigmented formula, this is a lipstick that makes you feel special.  Sounds a little over the top? Well, you obviously haven't taken this baby for a spin!

This incredibly vivid, cool toned fuschia shade is no.11 Rose Culte.  As soon as I swiped it across my lips again, it became apparent that this is the perfect strong pink for winter because it's a blue toned pink which works so well in the harsh light that we have at this time of year.  I wanted to photograph the lipstick in pure daylight to let you see how lovely it is and show how well it works against a light to medium skin tone.  I don't tend to wear dark fake tan at this time of year, instead relying on gradual self tanners to add just a touch of warmth to my complexion.  If you like hot pink lipsticks then this YSL variant is a must, if only for the unbelievably smooth texture and comfortable wear. Well worth the price tag in my opinion.

Although I love my Estee Lauder Double Wear, I do like the have the choice of a lighter formula for those days when my skin looks a bit dull.  A lighter formulation with hydrating and radiance properties is the perfect solution for tired winter skin.  I have recently rediscovered the wonder of Dior Nude Foundation in no.030.  It's a medium coverage formulation with a slightly dewy finish and because it's water-based, it feels lightweight and comfortable on skin that's a bit parched and tired.  This is the perfect foundation for the morning after a big night out because it offers a combination of good coverage whilst letting your skin breath and making your complexion look fresh.

Most of us don't have cheekbones like Angelina Jolie so we use whatever tools are at our disposal to create them with make up! I used to use this product every single day and then got side-tracked by my Sleek Contour Kit.  I think the Sleek Kit is fantastic but it's more suited to daytime use for me.  Bare Minerals Faux Tan is THE contouring product for when I am doing my make up for a night out.  It's slightly darker in tone and when applied with a small contour brush (I like the Daniel Sandler one) it's amazing at creating sharp but natural-looking cheekbones.  Pop a lovely highlighter on the top of your cheekbones and voilá! You have sculpted cheekbones to die for! I also like to run the powder under my jawline to create a more defined appearance.  I love contouring because no matter what shape your face is, there's always something you can do to create a more defined appearance.

After watching Tanya Burr's most recent videos, where she used MAC Vanilla pigment, it reminded me how much I always loved it as a brow bone highlight and on the inner corners of my eye.  It's a soft ivory white that has an ethereal feel to it.  It's amazing at opening up the eye area and I feel like it's an amazing product for this time of the year when you want to create more of an impact with your party make up.  It can also be used as a highlighter for the cheekbones but use it sparingly! A little goes a long way!

What products have you rediscovered lately? I would love to hear about them!


  1. Great post!! Nothing better than redsicovered loves. I NEED Vanilla pigment x

    1. It's like shopping in your own makeup collection!lol. Vanilla pigment is gorgeous...I had forgotten how lovely it is :)

  2. I too went and got my vanilla pigment out after seeing Tanya's video! Just out of interest is your Dior Nude the old formula or the new? And if its the new what do you think of it?
    Anna x

  3. I wish I got on with the YSL lipsticks but I just don't. That shade is gorgeous. I'm on a spending ban at the moment so I have been rediscovering forgotten products. It scares me how easily I forget things. x

  4. Fuscia lippie on blue-eyed blondes is fab! I love Chanel LaserPink on myself! Makes eyes POP!

    Btw< would you comment on the Old v New Diorskin NUDE formulas? Ive only used the 2010-11 formula and I found it a bit tacky to spread altho it looked wonderfully natural.


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