Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I have had a few emails asking how Séamus and Minnie are settling in so I thought I would post some pictures of the little balls of fluff! We have had them for just over three weeks now and they have grown quite a lot already! They are brother and sister and pretty much always sleep right next to eachother, paws wrapped around one another.

They have a tendency to fall asleep absolutely anywhere and Minnie often favours the ironing basket...a habit which I will be nipping in the bud!

Séamus' favourite pastime is to lounge in front of the fire, whilst stretching and meowing to himself - if only all of our lives could be this simple!

They sometimes even partake in some synchronised sleeping...

And as for how Decky is getting on with them? Well he has quickly become their surrogate dad and they like nothing more than to snuggle up with him and slip into a deep slumber.

Things have been really busy around here and one project which I am currently working on is a new branch of my business.  I launched North East Blogger Events because, to be quite frank, it really is about time that there were some exciting and fabulous blogger events in the North East of Scotland.  I often get numerous invites a week to attend blogger events in London but alas it is just too expensive and time-consuming for me  to travel down for just one event. Instead of just moaning about the situation, I decided to take matters into my own hands and given my events experience and blogging history, I figured I am more than qualified for the job.

I am now working in association with Kirsty from the Scottish Blogger Events Network to create some amazing events in 2013.  There are already a lot of North East bloggers on board with this and if you would like to keep up to date with what is happening, then please follow the NEBE Facebook page here.  I will be running blogging workshops, product launches, blogger meets, fashion shows and much more! Although it's called North East Blogger Events, it's really open to anyone who is willing to travel to the area.  So don't be shy, come and say hello!


  1. *melts* I love seeing photos of kittens so much...and these two are absolutely adorable! You must find it a struggle to not be constantly playing with them! :)


    1. They are just too cute for words :P

  2. OMG!!!! How picture perfect are your pets??!! So cute :)

    1. They entertain me EVERY single day!


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