Monday, 27 February 2012

OOTD, New House Decor & News!

Although it feels like the most mundane purchase in the world, I felt the need to share it with you all regardless.  I often buy statement pieces in droves and forget all about the necessary practical items like plain v-neck t-shirts.  I realised that some of my favourite casual outfit pics of celebs are comprised of wardrobe staples like the perfect indigo skinny jean, a plain v-neck t-shirt and some killer accessories.  Sometimes the most simple outfits can make the most impact.

Jacket: Next Signature
Jeans: New Look
T-shirt: ASOS (link)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Scarf: Ebay
Necklace: Coast
Bracelet: Warehouse

I have found a fabulous basic tee from ASOS that is softer than a baby bunny and surprisingly cheap too.  For just £15.00, this 'Forever' T-shirt has short sleeves, a long-line, relaxed fit and is so soft, I have been finding it hard to stop rubbing it against my cheek!

The t-shirt comes in grey, black, blue, moleskin and white.  Being comprised of 100% viscose they wash well and are easy to take of too. I will certainly be picking up more colours because these types of t-shirts provide the perfect foundation to build an outfit.

I picked up one last item from the Warehouse sale and I have to say that I am in love with it.  It's a pewter-coloured leather cuff with gold hardware and I have worn it every day since I got it.

It seems to toughen up more feminine outfits and feels very well made with the gold hardware being sewn into the leather cuff.  It was originally £20 and reduced down to just £5.  You gotta love a bargain!

I had been looking for a work-appropriate dress too and after trying on various styles, I actually ended up picking one that, initially, didn't appeal to me at all.  You know those days when everything you try on just doesn't look right? I was almost at the end of my tether when my mum grabbed this dress and urged me to try it on.

As soon as I zipped up the dress, it just felt right.  It nips in at the smallest part of my waist, it minimises my large chest, the cap sleeves make the most of my arms and the length is perfection (nestling just above the knee).  The only caveat? Being cotton, it creases quite a lot in the skirt but hey, can't have it all!

Right folks, on to some decor items I have picked up for the new house!  It's only 3 weeks and 4 days until we move in...not that I'm counting or anything (ahem!).  My house may look like it's sponsored by Laura Ashley because I'm in love with their stuff at the moment!

I picked up these delightfully colourful cushions for the upstairs sitting room from Dobbies because they pick out key colours in the Laura Ashley wallpaper (also shown in the pic).  I plan on painting the room white and having a feature wall with the wallpaper.

I also love these gorgeous Laura Ashley cushions that I bought with delicate lilac flowers and beading.

I also picked up this sweet long cushion in a soft putty shade.  I like to mix stripes with patterns and add in neutral shades too.  I feel like if you make sure you use key colours from the wallpaper then it brings everything together nicely without being too matchy-matchy.

This is the wallpaper I have chosen for the downstairs livingroom/diningroom.  I wanted to keep things light and bright because it's an old converted mill so the ceilings are slightly lower and the window are on the smaller side.  I think this soft duck blue paper will look lovely against the oak flooring.  I also love the concept of bringing the outdoors in with the chinese-style bird and floral pattern.  The wallpaper has a beautiful metallic sheen which will look incredible when the room is lit up at night.

This next wallpaper is for the bedroom which I plan on decorating with duck egg blue bedding and then adding some stronger accents of colour to keep it from looking too pale.

I have kept the bathroom wallpaper below similar to give a feeling of cohesiveness so the house 'flows'.  As you will see, all the wallpapers have a nature theme.

I was so thrilled to see this pure silk Laura Ashley material in the sale.  I bought 12 metres of it with a view to making curtains out of it.  My mum has always made curtains for her house so I am finally going to learn how to do it!  These curtains will hang by the front door in our hallway.

I also picked up this cute little floral candle too because we all know you can never have too many scented candles! This may be the kind that I never burn though (hubby doesn't get the term 'decorative').

My big piece of news for today is that we are getting a dog!

This is Declan, he is 18 months old and he is a rescue dog who needed a home...

We were initially looking at puppies but after realising how many older dogs were waiting to find homes, we felt like it was our duty to look for one.  After all, I don't think we would ever have this much time to invest in a rescue dog, given the fact we don't have children.  We found Declan through a local dog charity and his situation was that one of his owners developed Parkinsons and his wife became the main carer.  Therefore they just didn't have time for him any more.

We have gone through all the checks now and got the call to say that we have been accepted as suitable owners for him.  So we will be travelling an hour and a half to go and meet him for the first time on Saturday at the kennels.  We are supposed to be taking him when we move into our new house but we have both said that once we see him, neither of us are sure if we will be able to wait that long!  Apparently he is a bit sad and down at the kennels, it's no wonder he's scared and confused about what's happening.

I will update you guys when we have met him!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

OOTD: Touch Of Pink

I love high heels.  My feet don't.  So in a battle between head and heart, I often try to seek out heels that I can actually walk in all day.  Skyscraper heels have the advantage of making your legs look considerably longer and leaner.  However, spend a day in them and you end up with a permanent grimace and feet that throb right through until the next day, rendering you a hobbling mess.  Not to mention the threat of the dreaded bunions!

Blazer: AWear
Top: Warehouse
Skinny Jeans: Dunnes
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (link)
Necklace: Warehouse
Ring: Dorothy Perkins
Coin Bracelet: Warehouse
'L' bracelet: ASOS (link)

Faced with a whole day standing at a wedding show, I knew I wanted a shoe that was both flattering and practical.  Introducing the glorious mid-heel hot pink courts from Dorothy Perkins that only cost £22.  Ok, so they're not real suede but in my opinion, that can be a bonus.  I think we have probably all sported a pair of suede shoes, only to be unceremoniously destroyed on a rainy day!

The sizes run a but small in this particular style of shoe so for the first time in my life, I bought a size 6.  They come in a few eye popping colours and some muted tones - hot pink, green, orange, blue, nude, black, silver and polka dot.  I love the way high heels make you walk taller and they instantly make you feel more feminine.  I'm just glad I have found a style that affords me the ability to walk normally the next day!

This bird motif jersey t-shirt caught my eye in Warehouse yesterday so naturally I scooted on over the the cash register with it.  It's a great smart-casual piece in a delicate shade of blush.  But my favourite design feature has to be the fact that the bird has little scattered sparkly bits...I'm so predictable sometimes! The t-shirt has short sleeves and a relaxed fit so it's a perfect partner to skinny jeans a blazer/leather biker jacket.  I looked for the t-shirt online but couldn't see it but it was £30 and was on a rail with all the new stock so I'm sure it will appear on their website soon (generally it's the other way round though!).

I feel like such a kid because I get so much pleasure out of his new purchase purely for the fact it features my first initial.  This extremely cute and delicate bracelet is from ASOS and it really does pander to my love of fine chain jewellery.  Some outfits just call for more toned down accessories.  At just £4.50 in the ASOS sale, it was a no-brainer.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

My Fave Style Pics from LFW

Just a collection of images that have inspired me over the course of the week...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Inglot, YSL & Some Jewellery Finds

After many weeks of good intention, I finally managed to check out the Inglot store on Market Street in Aberdeen.  After all the buzz surrounding Inglot in the beauty blogging community, I was full of anticipation to check out their products for myself.  Too often the emerging beauty brands don't even bother opening branches in Aberdeen, so I hereby salute Inglot for recognising that us Aberdonians enjoy our make up too!

I had a good look around and they have an impressive range of shades in every category of product.  However the thing that impressed me the most was the value for money and brilliant customer service.  As soon as I walked in I was greeted by Sunny, who greeted us with a smile and some friendly chat.  There really is something to be said for staff who are approachable and helpful.  It was possibly a mistake to take my mum along because she quickly became mesmerised by all the different nail polishes! (and yes she did end up buying a few things!)

They had amazing deals on such as £10 for two nail polishes or lipsticks (normal price £9 and £10 respectively).  It would have been rude not to pick a few things up! So I plumped for two nail polishes and a lipstick (cream).

The nail polishes I picked up were 166 (a sheer pale ballerina pink) and 869 (a bright fuschia/hot pink). I know, shock horror, I bought pink polishes! But in my defence, they just look good against my skin tone.

I am really fussy about nail polishes because I can never be bothered waiting around for formulas that take forever to dry.  However these were fast drying, true to the colour in the bottle and both lasted for at least 5 days without chipping.  The sheer fact that they have so many colours to choose from is definitely a massive plus for me! I will definitely be back for more to take advantage of the two for £10 deal.

The lipstick (cream) I picked up was 231 which is a bright coral shade.  It very much reminds me of MAC Costa Chic but without the slight frosted finish.  I actually prefer the formula of the Inglot lipstick because it applies much more evenly.  The range of lipstick shades was frankly mind-boggling and it took me ages to decide on one.

The 231 shade is definitely a true coral unlike some 'corals' which look more pink-based.  It is actually more vibrant in 'real' life than it appears in photographs.  I really like the creamy consistency of this shade and the colour pay-off is impressive for such an inexpensive lipstick.  The acid test with bright lipsticks is always in it's lasting power and this particular shade lasted 5 hours on me before fading (that's without lip liner as a primer).  The picture on the right above was taken after the 5 hours so you can see it still looks great.  I can see this being a summer favourite for me! It would look great with a tan!

After having an awful cold for over two weeks, my nose was suffering and I had developed a patch of sore, dry skin on my upper lip from all the nose blowing (attractive non?! ha ha).  I tried switching around my skin care and drinking lots of water to hydrate my skin but everything I tried seemed to be in vain.  It was time to pull out the big guns and the gun in question is Origins All Purpose High-Elevation Cream.  It's a formula that's especially suited to extremely dry skin.  It's a thick, rich cream that absorbs nicely and leaves the dry area feeling much more comfortable and less tight.  A couple of nights of this and my dry skin patch had smoothed over...crisis averted!  So if you are having cold-related beauty problems like that, you know what to do!

I have been wearing this mascara for the past two weeks and it has reignited my love for YSL Faux Cils.  After the smudgy catastrophe that was Faux Cils Noir, it put me off YSL mascaras for a while which is a shame because I love their original Faux Cils.  I decided to give their latest offering a shot in my quest for blacker than black lashes.  

YSL Luxurious Mascara Shocking Volume has been a welcome little helper for quite honestly pitiful lashes.  It has lengthened, volumised and stayed put every day since I started using it whilst making my lashes look intensely black.  My main bug-bear with mascaras is when they flake or smudge all over your eye area.  So annoying! I'm a busy girl and I don't want to have to keep checking my reflection to see a demented panda looking back at me.  So thank you YSL for releasing a mascara that is indeed an improvement on the much-loved original Faux Cils version.  It's even reasonably easy to remove which, after many late nights recently, has been a welcome change!  This mascara also comes in a variety of shades for anyone who prefers a more subtle finish.

You know I'm a cat-eye addict and a flick of liquid eye liner is a daily routine for me.  Once you have mastered the technique, it's a great way of changing the shape of your eye.  My face looks completely different without a cat eye.  It almost lifts the appearance of your cheekbones which is why it's a daily staple for me.  Although my general favourite for a full-proof, clean and tidy cat-eye is Loreal Superliner or Lancome Artliner, I decided to give YSL's offering a shot, Shocking False Lash Effect Eyeliner.  It's a felt-tip style liquid eye liner which I definitely prefer.  I had high hopes for this liner but alas it just didn't work on me.  I'm not sure if it's to do with the shape of my eyes but it smudged like a mutha all over my tear-ducts and created a holy mess.  This is a big thumbs down for me.

I'm still loving my mesh bow ring I got from Ebay a while's so cute, I end up looking at my fingers all the time!

Speaking of jewellery, I picked up a few bits and bobs from the Warehouse sale (not somewhere you would normally associate with jewellery).

I got the Savoy Statement Necklace with turquoise stones which will be perfection with a white blouse.  I love the contrast of the turquoise against white because it looks so fresh and summery.  The turquoise also works well with hot pink clothing for in-your-face colour.  It was £9 down from £35 so you see I couldn't NOT buy it!

I also picked up a gold-coloured dimpled coin bracelet with tassel which was £5 down from £10.

Lastly I bought this braided headband which can be worn as a hair accessory or as a necklace.  It was £8 down to £4 so yet another bargain.

I will be doing more posts this week about some of the stuff I have bought for the new house, an update on our search for a rescue dog and a surprise purchase.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Making A Show Of Ourselves

I was a busy bee over the weekend getting ready for a smaller wedding showcase and we had a fantastic time, got loads of requests for consultations and met lots of lovely brides-to-be.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself because my job is so much fun!

We kept our stand quite small for this show as we just wanted to show a few creative ideas that could be used for wedding decor as well as promoting our hampers for February/March.  They are full of products, gift voucher and discount vouchers related to weddings.

The ombre cake we showed at the January wedding exhibition was so popular that we decided to use it again! 

We worked with our amazing cake lady to come up with these gorgeous pale peach mini cakes.  I just love the way they turned out, especially the polka dots, pearlised icing an intricate flowers on top!

The lace effect cake stand is gorgeous and we picked it up for only £10 from Ebay...proof that wedding accessories don't have to be expensive!

We wanted to come up with a unique design for the Chaivari chairs often used for weddings and we worked with our florist to collaborate on this creation.  I thought it could be a fabulous way to decorate the bride and groom's chair (and a perfect photo opportunity if they both sat side on whilst on these chairs!).  You could also use this design for the chairs at the head table to make a feature of it.

One of my favourite aspects of the job is coming up with new ideas for decor and this chair design proved REALLY popular at the show.  The best thing about it is that it's affordable too at only £15 per chair. 

Still loving the bird cage favour boxes!

It's amazing how a bunch of simple £13 white and pink tulips can look stunning when displayed in a lovely vase!  We also came up with a contemporary design for a centrepiece which is in the pic below...

It's just a rectangular vase displayed on it's side with three wired fresh tulips inside.  I think it would look stunning with orchids, roses or lillies.  If you had these displayed with varying sizes of candles and also normal vases of flowers, it would make for really interesting table centrepieces.

If you want to see more of our ideas, you can go to our website or our Facebook page!