Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lovin On Lancome

Like most of the UK, we have been hit quite hard by the snow with biting blizzards, roads like ice rinks and a very generous amount of snow blanketing the ground.  I felt like this was the perfect day to get back into some blogging and I rather like the idea of being snowed in with a wood burner, a menagerie of sleepy animals and the first series of Dexter to keep us company.

It's been quite a long time since a Lancome product graced the pages of Liparazzi, despite my love of their Star Bronzer, Hypnose Mascara and Juicy Tubes.  I have long since been distracted by the plethora of other brands on offer, which is only exacerbated by the latest buzz products in the beauty blogging community. However in this post I am going to ramble on about a couple of products that I  have really enjoyed using over the past few days.

I have never really been one to be seduced by Lancome blushers, however a quick look at their blush shades sowed a seed in my head.  The promise of a radiant peach glow was too much for me to resist.  Although I often find the blush compacts to be rather uninspiring, it's what's inside that counts, right? Introducing Lancome Blush Subtil in Shimmer Peach Fever...

'A long-wearing formula that’s gentle, light and soft.
- Ultra soft Nylon micro-powders
- Extremely fine mica micro-particles
- Silicon polymers for a uniform result and long wear.
Optimal shimmer, reflective effect.
- Ultra brilliant pearly particles
- Ultra shimmering Shine Reflect™ pearly particles (2 times more light reflection).'

This blush is simply perfection for my colouring, giving just the right amount of healthy flush to my cheeks.  Although it's a shimmer blush, do not interpret that as a glitter-ball mess on your cheeks.  This isn't one of those blushes with gritty glitter particles that sparkle artificially in the light.  This a finely milled blush with the most minuscule radiance particles, translating onto the skin as a healthy glow.  The shade is a warm peach with subtle golden shimmer. It doesn't make your cheeks shiny or greasy looking, it just gives your face dimension and can also act as a highlighter. As you will see from the pictures in this post, it warms up your complexion without looking artificial - something us beauty bloggers happen to love. I highly recommend this to anyone with light-medium/medium colouring for a long-lasting and gorgeous finish.

I remember seeing the ads for the Lancome L'Absolu Nu Lipstick range featuring Kate Winslet and being completely seduced by the whole look and specifically the gorgeous nude shade she was wearing...

I absolutely love the detailing on the lipstick packaging and get some strange pleasure out of the magnetic closing mechanism that offers that satisfactory click when it closes.  Simple things...

'Sexy nudes.
Provocatively Radiant. Irresistibly Lightweight. 
Moisture Replenishing Lip Colour.
Bare Lip Sensation.

12 shades to complement your lip tone.Our caring lipstick with Pro-Xylane™, L’Absolu Nu, presents sexy nudes in a light-to-the-touch texture.
Moisture-replenishing colour embraces your lips in soft shine lustre.'

I opted for no.202 Beige Tulle and for me it offers up the sought after - and believe me I hate this term - my lips but better appearance.  The texture is extremely silky and glides on with a moisturising feel to it.  It has a semi-glossy finish on the lips and feels really comfortable to wear.  It almost has a balm-like consistency to it now that I think about it.  

It's the perfect daytime lipstick for me because it looks natural but polished.  The formula isn't particularly long-wearing but I found that it lasts around three hours before having to be re-applied.  Given the consistency and luxurious feel, I am willing to accept the re-application, especially when I get to hear that satisfying click every time.


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    1. The texture of it is really lovely...some great nude shades too x

  2. I just love how beautiful your skin is Laura! Perfection :)

    1. Aww thanks Zooey, that's very sweet of you to say x

  3. That lipstick is lovely! I always would rather a formula that is easy and comfortable to wear, even if it means I have to reapply it more often! I also love your necklace! x

    1. Me too...I hate those chalky ones that dry out your lips

  4. Lancome is my favorite brand

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, I will go check out your blog just now xx

  5. Happy sunny days! I found you on LC website, and decided to visit.
    Btw, am the newest follower of your lovely blog.

    Hope you can visit mine too and follow back :)))))))

    Thank you, Chi

  6. Lancome L'Absolu looks gorgeous on you! I must try them! I used to be a "Lancome Girl", but ventured out to other brands, but Lancome is just one of those brands that you keep coming back to! :)


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