Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Review: NUDE Radiant Day Moisturiser

Let's face it, I am border-line obsessive with my skincare - not an unexpected confession from a certified beauty junkie.  However, since turning 30 the emphasis on maintaining young-looking skin has become even more paramount.  I am a big believer in shopping both high end and drugstore for skincare products that really maintain healthy skin and give me that glow I always yearn for.

I get a lot of emails asking about my skincare regime and I am always happy to share what works for me and what doesn't.  At the moment, I have been switching between Tesco Skin Wisdom Sensitive Moisturiser and NUDE Radiant Day Moisturiser - a stark contrast in price if ever I saw one. My skin seems to get too used to using one product continuously so I alternate between two, further eeking out the more expensive one. Sneaky but it works for me.

Here's a little about the NUDE moisturiser:

'A daily anti-ageing moisturiser for an essential dose of hydration and energy.

Easily absorbed, NUDE Radiant Day Moisturiser is a lightweight daily moisturiser that effortlessly smoothes and energises normal and dehydrated skin.

N-probiotic™ active cell nutrient stimulates skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients including collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Moisturising Omega 6 works with zinc, magnesium and copper to hydrate and revitalise even the most tired complexions. Skin is left supple and younger looking.'

I am a huge fan of the NUDE Miracle Mask and Cleansing Oil, both of which I have tried regularly in the past.  NUDE, a vegan brand,  is not a cheap brand to go jumping into, but the results really speak for themselves.  I have sensitive skin that is prone to dryness around the nose area.  This means I need a daytime moisturiser that is gentle, hydrating but not too heavy to have make up applied over it.  I want a moisturiser that sinks in quickly  and makes my skin look fresh and healthy.

The consistency of the NUDE Radiant Day Moisturiser is thick enough to feel hydrating but thin enough to melt into skin and leave no greasy residue behind. It doesn't contain any light-reflective particles like some radiance moisturiser on the market can.  The radiance comes purely from pumping your skin full of probiotics, omega oils and collagen as well as a lot of other goodies.

I have been using this moisturiser every day for two weeks now and it has definitely made my skin feel smoother, silkier and look more radiant.  My skin is actually the best it's ever been - something that I'm rather happy about given my age.  The moisturiser makes a great base for foundation and doesn't cause it to slid off your face - something that can be hard to come by.

I really like the brand's take on natural living science and the fact they use the purest ingredients your body can recognise and safely metabolise. The NUDE range is completely gluten free and the signature fragrance has delicate notes of jasmine and ylang ylang and is both 100% natural and allergen free.  Their products don't contain parabens, sulphates or other nasties.

What's not to like???


  1. This sounds great!!!! Must give it a try xx

    1. It's a really great moisturiser...expensive but worth it x

  2. I really want to try more from this range. This moisturiser sounds lovely. x

  3. Thanks for the review this sounds just what I'm looking for xx


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