Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Review: Rimmel Apocalips

I'm not immune to a bit of lemming behaviour when it comes to emerging beauty products hitting the market and the furore that has surrounded these particular lip lacquers has been quite unexpected.  Rimmel has always been a brand that I could take or leave, with the exception of their sun shimmer products.  Their products have never set my world alight or given or excited me in the way other brands do.  

That is...until now.

I bought these two Rimmel Apocalips lip glosses yesterday in Boots for £5.99:

I picked up the two shades that initially caught my eye - Stellar, a gorgeous coral red and Nova, a cool-toned almost lilac pink.  My favourite of the two has to be Stellar.  As soon as I applied it, I loved it immediately because it brings your complexion alive and makes your eyes seem brighter.  I would go as far as to say the shade is almost neon.

Stella in natural daylight

The formulation is the stuff dreams are made of - beautifully creamy, with intense pigmentation and a lovely glossy finish.  It feels so comfortable to wear and very hydrating.  It has a watermelon fragrance that smells fresh and non-offensive and the application wand is perfectly shaped to follow the contours of your lips without getting lip gloss everywhere. I didn't even have to apply lip liner with this - you can just swipe and go.

I was extremely impressed with it's staying power too.  I applied Stellar at 9am, drank a cup of coffee and by the time I got home at 1pm the colour was still in tact and had a fresh appearance.  The glossy finish wears off after three hours but you are left with a lovely satin finish and the colour intensity remains. The fantastic thing about this gloss is that it actually stains your lips instead of just lying on the surface.  

Stella in artificial light

L-R: Stellar, Nova

I will DEFINITELY be heading down to Boots tomorrow and picking up more shades.  I really like the look of Luna - a peachy shade and Apocaliptic - a bright fuschia.  These lip lacquers are affordable, easily accessible and really do work.  Bravo Rimmel, I commend you!

If you are a lip product junkie then you need these in your life and even if you're not, they may just convert you!


  1. I gave in too & bought Celestial! I only went for the one as I found the shades so daunting but the formula is so gorg, I shall defo be doing the same & getting some more! ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  2. Stellar looks gorgeous on you! :) x

  3. I bought Big Bang - amazing and Celestial. I love the look of Stellar and Apocoliptic, but I'll make to with just the two for now.

  4. Now I'm going to have to go get some!!!
    stellar looks gorgeous on you xx

  5. I've heard so many create things about these, it would be rude not to try them...


    Georgia's Make Up Addiction

  6. Wow! Stellar looks amazing on you!
    I'm trying so hard to resist buying these, I just don't need any more lip products. You're making it very difficult haha!

    Jesss xo

  7. I caved in my spending ban and picked up Big Bang, Apocaliptic and Celestial but could have easily picked up more!
    At least I used Boots points for it...technically not breaking the ban then...

    I have high hopes so hope I love them as much as you did!



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