Monday, 25 February 2013

The First North East Blogger Event

As you may already know - partially because I have been harping on about it - that Thursday was the first of many North East Blogger Events.  I think it's fair to say it was a resounding success and I picked up some great tips from celebrity make up artist, Sara Hill who is the founder of the Academy Of Make Up in Glasgow.

Here's a lovely group photo together with links to each blog:

It was an evening of Prosecco, mini cupcakes, blogger chat and tutorials.

I roped my best friend Pamela into being a model for Sara to work her magic and I'm not sure I would have been so comfortable having everyone looking at me and taking pictures!

I had some yummy little cupcakes made by my good friend Maggie from Maggie Loves Cookies and she also made some really cool cookies featuring the North East Blogger Events logo.

Sara covered loads of topics from how to create flawless skin to foundation matching to the perfect smokey eye and applying false lashes.

I found it really interesting that Sara often uses brown tones and navy blue together to create a really flattering smokey eye for blue eyes.  I had never really thought of mixing those two colours before but I tried it out on Saturday night and it works so well.

It was really great to be in the company of such lovely, genuine ladies and I felt like all my hard work had definitely paid off.

I put together a gift bag for each blogger containing lots of goodies including Hotel Chocolat Champagne truffles  and Lip Balm, a notepad for all their blog post ideas, a Lindt Bunny, some Bath Bombs and various samples and discount vouchers.

Sara gave some really constructive advice on how to do a smokey eye and where to place the most colour - I found this really helpful.

This is the finished look on my beautiful friend, Pamela.  I love how gorgeous her eyes look and they are totally mesmerising.  I was surprised to see Sara applying a very pale lilac gloss over the nude lipstick - she uses this to cool down the tone of the lips and let the eyes do the talking.  I think it's a really effective technique!

I am working with lots of brands and companies at the moment to bring more fabulous blogger events to the North East of Scotland.  I already have more in the calendar for the next few months!

If you represent a brand or company and would like to talk to me further about creating a unique blogger event, please contact me at


  1. ah, brilliant Laura! really well done - looks like all your hard work paid off :)

    a x

    Girl in the City Glasgow

  2. Great!! It is great that you guys can have those events in the uk :)xxx


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