Wednesday, 27 February 2013

This, That And The Other

I couldn't whittle down a specific name for this blog post because it literally contains a bit of everything.

However, let's kick it off by talking about an amazing new product from James Read - the aficionado of tanning.  Let's talk about James Read Sleep Mask Tan:

Here's a bit of insider information on Sleep Mask Tan from the man himself:

'For years I have been looking for a product that added moisture, gave a soft and subtle glow, that could work whilst you slept, but also did not transfer onto bedding. It’s well known that skin looses moisture more rapidly at night, so this is the key time to repair skin – but that shouldn’t mean you can’t tan too. So after years of work, I am thrilled to announce the the first sleep-in tanning mask – the James Read Sleep Mask - a mask packed with hydrating ingredients, boosted with an added hint of tan. For best colour results, use twice a week and the best part is that it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth too. This product is also perfect to apply at the beginning of a long haul flight and great if you come back from holiday and want to maintain a nice colour on your face and neck. When applying your Sleep Mask, start from your hairline and work your way down your face and neck. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes before you go to bed and then wake up to beautifully smooth, glowing skin. It’s the definition of beauty sleep'.

This innovative, lightweight gel formulation contains aloe vera, cucumber, hyaluronic acid and red algae to moisturise and soothe the skin overnight.  It creates a really natural glow that actually just looks like healthy skin rather than a face slathered in fake tan.  I have been extremely busy lately and haven't had the time to faff around with numerous products at night.  So you can imagine that a multi-tasker like this has been my saviour in keeping my skin glowy and hydrated.  The formulation is a dream - clear, easy to apply, quick to sink into the skin and it leaves my face feeling incredible in the morning.  I awake with silky smooth, healthy looking skin that feels nourished.  At £25 for 50ml it isn't cheap but you only need a very small amount for each application and when you get your head around the fact that it does a few jobs in one and is pretty much beauty sleep in a tube, it's a no-brainer.

My favourite nail combination this week has been Topshop Suffuse; a rose gold and OPI Bring On The Bling; a full on multi toned glitter.  A girl's night out recently called for full on glamour, so this seemed like the obvious option.  Glitter polish is always a pain to remove but it's worth it when your nails look this good.

And since you guys are always asking for pictures of the rapidly growing kittens, or 'cattins' as we now refer to them as, here are some snaps from yesterday.

Seámus doing his 'Lion King' pose.

Minnie learning new tricks.

Seámus and his split ends...whiskers that is.

Sibling love.


  1. The nail polish combination is so pretty. x

  2. Very tempted by the tanning mask! Great post :) x


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