Why did you start your blog?

I was reading a magazine one day in 2009 and stumbled across this whole beauty blogging malarkey.  It looked like something I would be interested in so I began reading a few blogs, then decided that I might start one of my own.  I never really expected to be doing it for long or even that anyone would be interested in what I had to say.  But needless to say, I blogged regardless and the rest is history folks!

What camera do you use?

Canon 550D SLR a.k.a. My all-time favourite toy!

Where did you get your blog header from?

I designed and made it myself.

Do you use Photoshop on your blog pictures? 

I never use Photoshop to alter my photos as that would defeat the purpose of an honest review or true representation of a product. The only editing I carry out on my photographs is occasional contrast correction, cropping and adding my blog watermark.  I NEVER airbrush my pictures.

How do you get followers/readers?

I never set out to get hundreds of readers (I hate the term 'followers' like you're the messiah or something!?).  I was ecstatic when I saw there were 10 people reading my posts, never mind 100.  I don't believe in searching out readers or trying to coerce people into subscribing.  If people want to read your blog then they will do so of their own accord.  I personally don't like it when some one asks me to follow their blog and some people go as far as trying to guilt you into doing so.

Why don't you do YouTube videos?

I did do some YouTube videos originally but after some nasty comments, I felt that I didn't want to open myself up to that kind of negativity.  I am generally a confident person but I would definitely describe myself as a sensitive soul so when someone picks me apart or criticises how I look, it hurts.  Simple as.

Are you paid to blog or part of any affiliate program?

I am not paid in any way, shape or form to blog.  It's a hobby I carry out in my spare time and I am also not affiliated with any brand or specific product.  If I mention a brand or product a lot on my blog, it's because I like it.


What is your favourite foundation?

Without a doubt, it's Estee Lauder Double Wear.  I wear Fresco in Winter and Shell Beige in summer (I sometimes mix them to get the perfect shade when I use fake tan).

What do you do when you get spots?

I apply an aspirin mask or use Origins Spot Remover.

What is your skincare routine?

I religiously wash, cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin every morning and night.  I NEVER sleep with my make-up on.  I believe in using a good eye cream and a good serum as well.  For my favourite skin care products, check out my Beauty Must Haves page. 

Do you ever wear false nails?

No, they're my natural nails.

How do you colour your hair?

I have my hair highlighted (full head) every 7-8 weeks, using three shades of blonde (medium blonde, honey blonde and light blonde).

Have you ever taken a make-up course?

No, everything I know about make-up stems from personal trial and error, magazines and reading beauty blogs.  I am by no means a make up artist!

What is your favourite brand of fake tan?

I predominantly use Clarins and Xen Tan.


What are your favourite shops?

Reiss, ASOS, Warehouse, Dune, Kurt Geiger and New Look.

Which celebs do you take inspiration from?

I tend not to take inspiration from any one celeb as I'm not into emulating one person's style.  I cherry-pick the things I like and combine them to create my own personal style.  I am a big believer in wearing what suits you rather than being a slave to fashion and wearing a garment just because it happens to be 'on-trend'.


What shoe size are you?

Size 7/european size 40

How tall are you?

just over 5ft 7

What is your clothes size?

Depending on the clothes brand I am usually a size 12 but can be a 14 (I blame the big boobs!)

How many times do you go to the gym a week?

I generally go at least 4 times a week, sometimes 5-6 times on a really good week.

What do you do at the gym?

I do circuit training so 30 mins cardio on treadmill, cross-trainer, bike or rowing machine, then I do approx 20-30 minutes of weights which can include kettle-bell routines, free weights and pulley weights.

Do you ever go on specific diets?

I don't believe in doing fad diets because ultimately, they aren't sustainable.  I believe in eating a healthy, balanced diet with a little bit of what you like.  I believe in balance so if I have a chocolate bar, then I just work it off at the gym.  I love food so I will never deny myself anything.  That just leads to binges and guilt-trips. 

Do you take any supplements?

I take Cod Liver Oil and multi-vitamins every day.